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As the oldest established letting agency on the Med-Saidia Resort we offer a no-nonsense service to all our owners, many of whom have been with us for years and have recommended us to others. We understand how crucial it is to know the true facts before you start and to this end we ensure that our practical solutions will guide you through the finer points of setting up the perfect holiday home for you and your guests.

Our website is clear and factual with carefully taken photographs that present each property at its best. Descriptions are friendly, accurate and informative and we take great care to expertly sell a holiday in your home to the right customer. Customers can book with confidence knowing that they will have a holiday that meets their expectations and we have indeed had many comments from clients who really appreciate our honest approach and return to us year after year.

Our long standing and knowledgeable Saidia Holiday Rentals team are dedicated to letting your property. You can be sure that you will be dealing with an agency that is truly committed to letting your property to its best potential.

If you like our philosophy why not read on.

Quality Management is integral to the way we run our business and we are proud to announce that we are the first and only agency on the Med-Saidia resort to focus on quality and service in such an in-depth manner.

Why you should choose SaidiaHolidayRentals
Founded in December 2007 we are the oldest established letting agency on the Med-Saidia resort.
We own and live in a property on the resort. We have a long-term commitment to making this resort work.
We are a true friends and family business (not a soulless conglomerate) and we live and work in the area we love.
We are specialised - all properties in our portfolio are within the Med-Saidia Resort.
Over 60% of bookings come from 'repeat or recommended' customers. We believe satisfied guests are good for everybody.
Our website has over 100 photos, fast search facility, real-time availability and secure booking.
A comprehensive multi-channel mixture of PR, traditional advertising, online marketing and word of mouth from satisfied guests ensures successful promotion of your property.
We currently manage and let property valued at over €6 million
Displaying your property on our website is free until we find your first paying guests.*
Our friendly and well-trained staff have a genuine commitment to our owners and to customer service.
Commissions are fair and realistic - there are no hidden extras.
Unrivalled quality and service from our marketing, cleaning and maintenance staff.
Lean on our local experience - we offer expert advice on property alterations and enhancement work.

*Every property included in our portfolio is featured free of charge on our website. You only pay our modest listing fee when your first paying guest checks in for their stay.

When you decide to use the property yourself, please inform us. We require booking details from you so as to avoid double bookings.

We also get requests for longer-term rentals of 3 months or more. For lets of more than 3 months but less than a year we only charge 15% of the monthly rental. Some landlords prefer the security of a longer-term let.

How do we protect your interests?

We own and live in a property on the resort. We want the resort to the be the success that it can be. We want the resort to be known for its high quality. So your interests and ours are the same.

So what do we do to make sure that a property is not abused by guests? We employ a simple technique of charging a large cash deposit that is refunded if the property is returned in the same condition in which it was handed over. This tactic works! To date we have not had to withhold any monies from any guests.

There is also the usual rules and regulatons that we ask guests to adhere to. You can see what we insist on here: guest's terms and conditions. The most notable stipulation is that of maximum occupancy. This is to avoid overcrowding, excessive noise and damage to furniture. We break up large groups in to multiple properties if the overcrowding rule is broken.

We believe that it is largely our standard operating procedure of personally taking a guest to your property and explaing to them how everything works - and then returning to check them out and inspect the property before returning the cash deposit - that has resulted in properties remaining pristine. We do check-ins and check-outs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, irrespective of weather conditions (yes, it does rain in Morocco).

Our costs for helping you

So what do we charge for our time, efforts and expertise, you ask? We charge an annual listing fee of 1000 Dirhams per property, which is deducted from your first guest's monies which we source for you. Thus you are listed for free until we get you a booking. On top of that, we charge 20% of the total value of a booking. Once again this comes from the payments we collect on your behalf.

Here's a typical example: A guest stays for a week in a 2-bedroom apartment. They pay 1000 Dirhams a night (a nice round number for illustration purposes). That's 7000 Dirhams that we collect on your behalf. We deduct our 20%, which in this case would be 1400 Dirhams. Then the property needs to be cleaned and laundered. Professional laundry services in Morocco are not cheap. Our basic clean and laundry costs for a 2-bedroom apartment are 725 Dirhams. (The cleaning and laundry costs vary depending on the size of property). You would thus nett 4875 Dirhams (69%) for this week's booking. Obviously stays of longer periods are more profitable for you because the cleaning and laundry cost is only incurred once.

It is easy to nit-pick at costs and numbers, but prospetive landlords should be mindful of keeping an eye on the big picture i.e. will your property be protected and will you actually get your money. Also, how much is it worth to be listed on the largest and best lettings agency website for Med-Saidia?

With SaidiaHolidayRentals your property is in good hands!

Photos of your property in Med-Saidia

Send us the details of your property and we'll upload it for you. We can also visit your property and take pictures for you. Then we'll get to work marketing it for you and getting paying guests to come and stay.

We obviously require photographs of your property for marketing purposes. If you are unable to visit Med-Saidia to take the photos yourself, we can arrange to take the pictures and send them to you for approval. There is no additional charge for this, it's all part of the service.

Otherwise photos may be sent to us either:

- By e-mail (as a .jpg attachment).

- By asking us to download photos from your own personal web site.

Please ensure that photos are sharp and as colourful as possible. A blue sky really does help sell! We recommend a mixture of external and internal photos in order to give guests a good overall picture of your property.

For those uploading digital images or sending images by e-mail the following sizes are recommended: Minimum width 325 pixels for landscape photos.

Minimum width 250 pixels for portrait shape photos.

Do not worry about photos being larger than this as we can reduce them to the correct size.

Preparing your property for rental

We also offer a complete property management service - simply click to find out more about our property management service.

If you would like to know what the flow of tasks is to ready a property for use is then please click here.

All enquiries should be directed via email to:

We look forward to assisting you.

The SaidiaHolidayRentals crew.