Air-conditioning for your property in Saidia

You can't say that you know 'heat' until you have spent a Summer in Morocco. Properties that have air-conditioning are in greater demand and can ask a premium price because of it. Siera 12000Btu air-conditioning unit

We can arrange for air-conditioning for your property in Saidia. In our experience it is necessary for a typical 2-bedroomed property on Mediterrania-Saidia to have 2 9000Btu units - one in each bedroom - and one 12000Btu unit in the living room. Larger properties such as duplexes and villas will require at least one more 12000Btu unit, possibly two or one 18000Btu depending on the villa's size. Large open spaces require more power to cool in the Summer and to heat in the Winter.

Many properties have the piping for air-conditioning pre-installed. Most installers will simply attach your new aircon units to them - this is a mistake. Within months your units will not be working. We know how to avoid this.

Below is the prices the prices for types of air-conditioning units that we can have installed for you. The prices you see are per unit and the total number and type depends on the size of your property.

Siera 9000 Btu
Siera 12000 Btu
Siera 18000 Btu

Note: The price is in Moroccan Dirhams and includes delivery, installation and all taxes. Our Siera brand installer offers a 2-year guarantee on the units. We have Siera units on our own property and are very happy with them.

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