Saidia update - 21st May 2009

What's happening in Saidia – May update.

Digging, digging and a bit more digging !?

Most of the roads in the Old Town have been dug up – completely. This is with exception of the main 'drag' and beach road. The pavements have also all gone. Drainage is being placed, and then they are re-laying the road surfaces. Slowly, but surely. There is a mass of hardware equipment, on loan from Casablanca as far as I can make out. The place is in a big, big, dusty mess. However, it has to look terrible, before it can look better – I am reliably informed !! It will be a far cry from what there was previously, which to me was functional (except for when it rained), and authentic. Soon it will look new and modern, a far cry from the rustic place that I came to in 2005. Ah well, progress...

For the past couple of days we have been rudely awakened at 6am by the sound of an aircraft. So I got up yesterday and went to see what it was doing. Turns out they're spraying the golf courses and open areas, I assume with anti-bug stuff. Made us sneeze for most of the day. I'm sure the King doesn't like to be bitten by mosquitoes, so they're trying to ensure that that doesn't happen. I wish he'd come here more often !!

The activity that has sprung into action in the past few weeks is absolutely amazing. It's as if everyone has just realized – 'actually 19th June is not that far away, we'd better get a move on.'  We're looking forward to the Grand Opening - and hope we get an invite to the proceedings.

The hordes of gardeners are still working away. Some until late into the night. The place looks amazing at the moment. Well, compared to what it looked like in February of this year, it really couldn't look much worse. The range of plants and flowers is fabulous. There are crews of cleaners working on collecting all the dust from the roads, rubbish from the beach and broken Heineken bottles strewn along the pathways. Moroccans don't drink – much !

Most external building work has stopped from what I can see.

On AP14,15,16 and AP5 & AP7 they are working on internal finishing, and car parks. No pools are remotely visible on any of these sites. I also personally believe, there is not a hope that The Greens will be completing before September this year. I do hope I am proved incorrect.

RT2 has had one block painted, so I guess this is going to the Show apartment. The rest is exactly as it has been since last September. Same goes for RT7, nothing doing, although the resident dog has had some more puppies there.

V3 & V1 villas are looking good. The earth has been dumped on the roads and paths, and it being put into each garden by their new toy – a small digger, and a few guys with shovels. Shame, as the new roads did look really good, they're going to require a good wash down when all's done.

There are some hideous signs being put up all over the place. Huge and ugly. I do hope they take these down when the King leaves, but doubt it.

I met with 4 guys who are in charge of making sure the Golf Course is ready by the time the King gets here. Sadly they are staying at the Atlal Hotel – poor them, they didn't know about the fabulous places I have available for rental. So, they're here setting up the Golf Course nearest the Barcelo Hotel. They've got a month to get it all ready. Good luck guys, it'll be great when it's ready, and anyone that would like to invite us for a drink at the 19th hole, we'd be delighted.

If you need specific information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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