Med-Saidia and Marjane supermarket - 5th June 2009

Marjane Supermarket in the Med-Saidia Medina Ö. There was a official delegation that arrived today. They didnít put me on the guest list, how rude ?

Therefore, I just turned up and took some pictures what are attached for your viewing pleasure. Not much to see really, but itís very exciting - a Supermarket on site - itís very exciting news. It is going to save so much time and effort, just for a loaf of bread !

There isnít much else going on in the Medina Iím afraid to report. Itís 100% better than it was a couple of weeks ago, but still NOT where it should be at this stage. However, if they can work a fraction as hard as they have in the past weeks after the Kingís visit, we might have a few more shops in the Medina by the end of the season.

We also received some very attractive new palm trees, slightly larger than the Ďrealí ones, and also perfectly formed. These are courtesy of Maroc Telecom, and are new phone antennas. Which is also great news, as hopefully the internet signal will improve sometime soon.

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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