Palmeral Golf Course and Throne Cup - 11th June 2009

As it is so close to ‘D’ date - for the ‘Grand Opening of Med-Saidia, we decided to walk down to the El Palmeral golf course last evening, and see what the state of play actually is right now. Had a chat with the Golf Club Manager, very nice Scottish chap who showed us around the place.

There really is a lot of work left to be finished, but with all due respect, what they have managed to accomplish in the space of 3 weeks, is nothing less than a minor miracle in my opinion ! The place has been transformed from shell, to something that resembles a 1st class Golf Club House. There are obviously a few bit and pieces that will need to be touched up here and there, but I am suitably, very impressed. The main seating area will accommodate 100 people in the ‘Lounge’ area, this over looks part of the course, with the Barceló Hotel on the left. Next to this is a smaller ‘Dining’ area. The kitchen looks very modern (something I must be honest - I have not seen much of to date in Morocco), all stainless steel, high pressure taps, fabulous work surfaces - oh what I’d do for a kitchen like that to experiment in !? They’re still receiving bits and pieces day after day, as I have explained many times, not everything is simple in Morocco. The import duties can be a killer for a business.

The entrance has kept a Moroccan theme, and I can’t wait to see it with the water feature working and the lights twinkling in the warm summer breeze. I do think they need a lemon tree, or jasmine plants to really make it authentic, but give them time - they’ve truly been working like dogs to ensure the golf competition - the Throne Cup - is played on course between 15-19 June 2009. This is a Moroccan event, with all Moroccan clubs taking part. We’ve been invited to be spectators, so I’ll let you know who wins !

The course itself, is being ‘looked after’ and worked on by a very pleasant Spanish guy. Again, he’s worked hard, and it is paying off. The course looks 200% better than it did in November 2008. The spanking new equipment is standing glinting in the sunlight, most of it looks like it has not even been tested yet. Again, they’re still waiting on some to get through that infamous ‘border control’, praying it will be sorted and arrive in time.

All in all, it will work. Again, given the time frame they’ve had, they really have done a splendid job. All I can say is - let’s get some direct flights from the UK so people can bring their clubs over with ease ?! However, for those of you that are visiting this year, I have been reliably informed there will be equipment for hire. As soon as I receive more details I will have a page dedicated to the Golf, as I know many people are interested in that aspect.

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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