Iberostar Hotel & Med-Saidia update - 12th June 2009

Goodness, it is all hands on deck and go, go GO in Med-Saidia at the moment. Every time I leave the house there is something ‘new’.

So yesterday whilst ‘snagging’ some properties, I decided to nip into the Iberostar Hotel, to see if it had actually opened, as I’d heard a rumour ….. The gossip in this place is worse than a small village in the UK !!

It turns out on this occasion, the gossip was right. The hotel opened ‘quietly’ on Sunday evening. The invited VIP’s and big wigs from various companies that are involved with the site were the only guests.

I can say, it’s looking fabulous. Having seen it just a few weeks ago, looking as though they’d never, with all the best will in the world, be ready by now. I am impressed. Obviously, they’re still ‘snagging’ themselves, and gardens are still be planted out, but in general, the overall impression is very good.

We walked around the pool, gardens and restaurants. The Oujda restaurant is their ‘main’ buffet style eatery. It has seating for about 200 people by the looks of things, and the buffet they had laid out last night, really did make us want to stay, but we were not really dressed for the occasion, so we opted for a drink in the ‘Lobby Bar’ instead. The prices seem reasonable, with buffet dinner being 250 dhs per person. Drinks are also not as extortionate as some hotels can be.

There is also a Moroccan themed restaurant called 'Fes' , and of all things what we’re most excited about - a Japanese teppanyaki style restaurant called 'OKI'. These currently are only open once a week, so I think we’ll need to make reservations !? How exciting. It’s the little things …..

So, that’s the Iberostar Hotel, now we’re waiting on the Barceló Hotel, I do hope their opening is slightly more publicised. Oh well, even if it isn’t - I’ll be there to check it out and pass on the ‘low down’.

In addition to the hotels, the roads on-site are being re-tarmaced - AGAIN ! There are now dips in the roads where the services are because they’ve tarmaced so many times. We have policemen manning the roundabouts. As many of you will know, some of the Moroccan drivers leave a lot to be desired, and roundabouts in this region seem to be a law unto themselves.

There are also banner flags being placed along the roadsides. Barriers going up to cover unsightly areas. Two fabulous telephone antennae in the shape of huge palm trees, they look great from a distance, and we really hope they improve the signal we currently get. The Medina is coming on in leaps and bounds. I’m not allowed in there at the moment, but I have seen three different banks, Maroc Telecom, Marjane (obviously) and 2 or 3 different restaurants, oh and a Lacoste shop ! So, all in the right direction for the moment.

Right, back to painting pots for the balcony ….

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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