Golf Tournament update & Site pictures - 13th June 2009

We decided to go for a two hour sunset walk last night. To take in the balmy, (yet slightly dust filled) early evening air, and see what had occurred on the resort in the past 48 hours. As I have said, things are changing that fast at this stage. Oh, how I wish there were more official visits planned .... as more has taken place in the past 6 weeks that we have honestly seen in the past 6 months !

Outside AP6, the road towards the Marina has been redone. More of the man-hole covers are now almost covered and there now a few more bumps in the road that people should watch out for.

There are flags everywhere. Med-Saidia advertising along the internal roads, and national flags lining what I guess will be the 'Official' route of the VIP's. It's quite hilarious, they've finally got the paths laid flat, now they've dug out holes right in the middle to put in flag poles every 100 meters !? Job creation at it's best. I just hope they get put back after the visit ?!

The road in front of the V2 Villas towards the Barceló Hotel is still closed. Looks as though there is some issues again with the under road piping, and we did see a quite spectacular fountain of water, some 6 feet high spouting out a few days ago.

The 'Tasa' development building is being painted over. I guess they’ve finally decided - they’re not likely to return to complete their site. The ‘building’ pillars that were to be someone’s apartment, just outside the Barceló Hotel have been transformed into some stunning modern art.

The Palmerel Golf Course was being played, which was a great sight to see. The Golf Club’s car park was full of small tour buses and cars, and there were even people sitting out on the patio area enjoying the ambiance of the setting. The main tournament begins today - Sunday. So we’ll probably nip down later to check out the days play.

The gardens of Magnum are coming along. It does look ‘new’, but once matured and cared for, will be lovely. Even the beachside, promenade green areas are starting to grow in.

At the rear of the Barceló Hotel they seem to be working on the drainage. There is also the beginning of a decked area leading down to the beach being put in place. The hotel is still not open, but the security guard let me in to take a picture - bless they are still working 24 hours a day.

The Marina is a hive of activity. I’ve been told that the huge tent that is set up is for all the VIP’s and ceremonies, and they’re going to project all the events taking place in the tent, onto the water of the Marina area. So looking forward to seeing that. Think we’ll walk down though, as I envisage there will be a complete scrum in and around the area.

In addition to the banks and Maroc Telecom, I see they’ve put a Post Office in there. Fabulous news for those of you that may have read my previous blog about my experiences in the Post Office in Saidia Old Town. We’ll see what occurs in this one, and indeed if it will be open all year round. ‘Marjane Marker’ I am reliably informed will open on Monday. We will see, this is after all Med-Saidia, and time frames are to be given a huge pinch of salt. In the same way that I was advised that all ‘work’ would be completed on the Medina by the 5th June, and from what I see, they are still working there 24 hours a day, and today is the 13th June !?

Anyway, in my opinion, official visit or not. What has been achieved in the past 6 weeks is pretty much nothing less than a minor miracle. It shows what can actually be achieved here. I am in awe. I truly hope however, that after the visit, it doesn’t all just go downhill again ? Any ideas of how we can keep up this momentum would be greatly received.

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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