Grand Opening of Med-Saidia resort - 19th June 2009

WOW ! What an electric atmosphere ? Very fitting really, it’s not everyday you get to see the King of a country walking the streets. Which is exactly what happenend here in Med-Saidia yesterday. King Mohammed VI got out of his car, walked through the Medina, and then down the road towards the Marina extension.

We were fortunate to have front row seats, having just finished our pizza’s at Romano’s restaurant, we were in full view of his walk along the road, waving and shaking hands with many of the crowd. The air was filled with the sounds of clapping, whistling, cheering and Moroccan music.

Dancers strutted their stuff. Paper flags were fluttering amongst the crowds of people that had travelled from far and wide to catch a glimpse of their beloved King. It really was a sight to see, and I am so glad we were part of it. It seems to have been a very long time coming.

Everyone seems to have bent over backwards to ensure that this visit was ‘special’. It was. There has been absolute frantic work taking place all over the development. It looks like a different place compared to 6 weeks ago. More pictures will follow soon.

I hope he was impressed. I know I am. It just goes to show me, they can do things when they put their minds and budgets into it. I do wish he visited more often though, it was such fun !

Later in the evening, the Marina was filled with the delegates from the ‘Assises nationales du tourisme’. All bussed in from the Barcelo Hotel where the conference has been taking place. Ladies in evening dresses and the gentlemen suited and booted. Not something you see here very much. The Medina was lit with floor candles and the walkway down to the huge, transparent marquee was carpeted in blue. Spectacular.

There were fireworks at 1am, and they went off for at least 15 minutes. However, I must admit, we missed seeing them as we were already fast asleep - but they did wake us for a few minutes !

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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