Cap de l'eau catamaran - 26th June 2009

We were very fortunate this week to be invited out on the ‘Vent du Sud’ catamaran. Edouard and Dominique who own the catamaran have lived in Saidia for more than 20 years, and have obviously seen many changes in the region over the years. Both have been very keen sailors for many years, and have had the catamaran for personal use as well as guest trips for a few years now. The catamaran is docked in Cap de L’eau, approximately 10 kms from the Med-Saidia site. We made our own way to the old harbour area in Cap de L’eau, but if you do not have your own transport, it can be arranged for a pick up. Arriving at 10am sharp on a beautiful sailing day. A medium sea breeze made for a perfect day on the water. There were four other guests in addition to Mr V and I, as well as Edouard and Dominique. We sailed toward the Chafarinas Islands, the three islands you can see from the coast. These belong to Spain, you can read my previous blog for more information. Click here : This is the first time we have had such a close up view of these dramatic out crops. Relaxing on the nets at the front of the vessel as we were blown towards our course. As the islands are Spanish, we were not allowed too close, so after an hour we changed course and headed back for shore. As long as you have the right breeze and a calm sea, this is a fabulous way to relax and enjoy the area from a different point of view. When we got back to Cape de L’eau we were starving, all that sea air gives me a huge appetite. Literally 20 seconds from the place the catamaran is anchored, is a wonderful fish restaurant. You choose your seafood, fresh from that mornings catch, and chill and enjoy the surroundings. A meal for two, including soft drinks, water, chips and bread shouldn’t cost much more than 180 dhs. There are a range of sailing options available for people, and you can indeed ask for ‘special requests’. Click here for more information :

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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