Oh, what a day!- 14th September 2009

Well what a day it turned out to be ...

I received a call early this morning from some people who'd been passed my details by a 'Saidia Holiday Rentals blog follower' who is snagging his properties on the Resort. They'd flown over to Saidia to take a look at 'The Blue Pearl' plot. They'd been to see the area yesterday and were a tad disappointed in what they'd seen and heard. It would seem that they were expecting to see a whole lot more than there actually is. A common occurrence in some areas. After a long chat in the cool breeze that was wafting through the lobby of the Barcelo Hotel, we took them for a drive around the entire Med-Saidia Resort. Showing them the completed plots of AP2, AP4 and AP6 as well as the V1, V2 and V3 villas, it was clear that they had possibly been lead to believe that the site and infrastructure was further along than it actually is.

The Med-Saidia Resort is heading in the right direction. It is being developed. I am sure that there are many, many resorts around the world that are in worse conditions than here. It's just such a frustration for those people that arrive here who have been told basically what I can only describe as a lot of twaddle ! Do developers really believe that people will not eventually find out for themselves or via forums or people that live nearby ? Bizarre.

On our travels today we nipped into the Iberostar Hotel to have a look at how things are going. The reception area, gardens and pools look good from afar. Not sure how they'd fair if we were to do a closer inspection though. As we were leaving I decided to try to get a reservation for tomorrow evening in the 'OKI Japanese Restaurant' they have, only to be advised that the entire hotel is closing tomorrow !! They've been open a grand total of three and a half months !? They are due to reopen next March.

We have also heard a rumour that the Barcelo Hotel will close at the end of September ... This is yet to be confirmed to us, as there was another rumour (they really are rife here) that the Tourism Minister had stated that both hotels could not close. Watch this space, more news on the fate of the hotels to follow.

For all those people that were due out in the near future to sign or snag for properties, and offered five star hotel accommodation ... there are no other five star hotels nearby, just in case you were wondering.

Later this afternoon I visited a newly furnished property on AP4 that is being offered for short or long-term rental. WOW !! They've really done a wonderful job. The furniture packages, mixed with some extra pieces and painted walls plus atmospheric lighting really made for a great property. Pictures to follow in a few days when I receive them from the designer. In the meantime you can take a look at some of the furniture on offer at : Furniture packages

A year ago tomorrow, we spent the most wonderful day on a deserted beach just outside Ras El Mar a short way along the coast. Playing in the sea with our lilo and enjoying the clear warm waters lapping gently around us. Why do I remember such a day so specifically ? Well, it was my birthday! Yep, it's my birthday tomorrow, and this year we've decided to visit Melilla for the day. I intend to enjoy a slap up lunch with vino and ice cream thereafter - yummy !! Mr V. already bought my present, a wonderful new camera to ensure that I can take pictures of everything.

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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