Disappointment with Fadesa - 5th October 2009

What's going on ... on Med-Saidia ?

It has been a hectic couple of weeks since the last blog, and I apologise for not having the time to keep the blogs as up to date as I'd like. We have had a whole host of owners over visiting the site and their properties. It's been a social butterfly's dream! Last week we were out every single night ... great for the social life but not necessarily the waistline.

People are not particularly happy with the way things are progressing at this time. After the wonderful progression during June, July and August, it's ground to a halt and is seemingly slipping backwards. There are a range of issues around the entire development that really do need to be addressed soon.

Both hotels on the resort are now closed until next year. This is a real shame, as they were very busy during the summer months. I'm sure hotels close all over the world in quiet seasons, but the fact there are only 2 here, and they've both closed down ... doesn't currently bode well for a year round resort does it? I personally cannot figure out why they couldn't just close wings of the places, and work in other areas of the hotel ... so as to minimise noise to guests. Anyway, it's done now, so let's hope all the issues are resolved correctly and professionally so they don't have to close next winter.

The fact that the golf club does not have certain equipment to loan out is a real let down. People turn up to play golf and if they haven't bought clubs with them ... no can do. How frustrating is that? I hasten to add, this is not the fault of the golf club. They were promised certain things when they signed up, and equipment for hire was one of those things, as seems to be the norm. With the Fadesa guys running the show here, what is said versus what actually happens is quite different. I hope they get their clubs soon, as I have been told it is a fantastic course, and it would be great to see lots of people playing it. Plus the guys need something to do to keep them busy!!

Many roads and pavements around the resort are starting to deteriorate. I think this is from a range of issues, although I am not in construction, many of the people that have visited the site recently - are. We have pot holes, sinking tarmac, pavements giving way, weeds taking over whole areas of sidewalks ... this is not what you'd expect from a Royal-backed project is it?

As some of you might know, I had a meeting this week in the Fadesa offices on site. I was well prepared with questions, comments and photos (even some taken that day of the severe flooding taking place outside my own property). I'm quite a patient person in general, but after 50 minutes of complete fobbing off I decided not to waste any more of my time. I left the meeting. A while later the people that were present in the meeting were at AP6, surveying the area, and the flooding outside my apartment (that had been pumping out water since 3am ... it was now 4.30pm. Thankfully, they decided to do something about it at that stage, and three very nice guys used my buckets to get rid of the water and dug up the pipe, up to their middles in mud. I wonder just how long until it happens again?

Now of course they want owners to start paying levies. I have absolutely no issue about paying. As long as what was offered when I signed my contract is actually delivered. Currently, as things stand I will not be paying any more money to Fadesa/GFM/Addoha or whomever wants it. For me right now it is the principle. I feel that we are being conned. I see the day to day issues that occur not only on the AP's, but around the site in general. I'm not comfortable paying funds to rectify what should already be in place. Why should we ?

I do not, and never wanted to become politically involved in this project. I came here for a relatively quite life. Meeting and greeting, assisting and promoting - pottering with my plants and walking on the beach, simple pleasures. However, being the fair person that I am, I do not like to see people getting the wool pulled over their eyes, and I will stand up for myself and the underdog.

If Fadesa do indeed pull their socks up and rectify the outstanding issues, give the owners what we signed up for - fantastic, I take my hats off to them and I'll even buy them all cakes to celebrate! If they don't ... well I will be hard pushed to promote this destination which will be a great shame, as I have spent almost two years selling the place! October Sunday2

All that said, I personally do still believe this can be a fabulous, almost year-round destination. Yesterday, Sunday, there were people swimming in the sea, the beach was quite busy and you have the vision, you can see that it will work. There were people on the golf course and it was a beautiful October Sunday. All it really needs is some honesty and supervision. Money must stop being flittered away and people must start being held accountable for their actions and decisions.

I look forward to meeting you to swap stories.


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