Saidia October Sunshine - 11th October 2009

Sun on AP6Sunny beach

I've said it before and I will say it again. What a difference a year makes! I've just reread the blog I posted a year ago ... makes for interesting reading. This time in 2008, we were being kept indoors by terrible rain and storms here in Saidia. The beach had been battered and was full of debris and dead stuff. I am over the moon to be able to say, so far this October, we have had sun, sun and more sun, blue skies, fabulous temperatures and seas still warm enough to swim in. We were actually almost dreading the weather this month, based on our experiences last year. Thankfully, we're finding out what October's are normally like here in Med-Saidia - lovely! Off to the beach for a swim this afternoon ... what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in mid-October! (Have a look at our weather forecast... ) Sunny beachSunny beach

It was a bit of a disappointment to hear this week that the Palmeral Golf course is to be closed for the winter. After masses of effort that all the staff have put into getting it up and running for this summer, it is such a shame. Still not sure as to the logistics of closing everything, but I guess if there are not many punters, what is the point of being open? Chicken and egg scenario springs to mind. Build it and they will come also springs to mind. Time will tell I guess. Sunny beachSunny beach

That said, we've had a number of holiday makers and property owners visit Med-Saidia in the past month (said to be 'out of season'). They've enjoyed themselves and been kept busy, but more activities do need to be made available if we want the visitors to come and stay past August. The Marina restaurants still have some evening trade, which is great to see. We were fortunate enough to have been invited out to eat this week by a lovely French couple, who are looking to rent an apartment over the winter months here on Med-Saidia. We visited the Martina Bodega restaurant for only the 2nd time since it opened earlier this summer. I'd like to report that the food and service were as impressive this time as they were during our initial visit. Yes, it is slightly pricy (especially if you drink wine), but the food has in our experience been consistently good, and I guess sometimes thankfully you just get what you pay for - not always the case here! (Have a look at our restaurant reviews here... )

We've also been busy trying to find a reliable, reasonable and reputable company to assist us with many of the tasks that require attention in the properties. At last, we seem to have found someone to assist with the construction and installation side of things. We are now able to ensure top quality works for the likes of 'utility room windows' and garden/balcony construction, amongst other things that we've yet to try them out on. So far so good. They turn up almost when they say they are going to (those of you that have waited in all day for people to turn up will know what I am talking about). They've offered fair and on-time quotes, and most importantly they are good quality.

Now we're busy getting all the utility room windows installed before the colder, damp weather arrives. I still wonder why these were never in the original plans for the properties, it really just doesn't make sense to have the utility area open to the elements, bug and birds!? VVT4 before Earth moving for someone?

Yesterday we checked some clients out of a property at 7am, only to be amazed at the sight of a huge piece of earth moving kit making it's way across the Property Logic, VVT4 Les Grande Villas plot. We'll keep you posted, but it will be a marvellous turn up for the books if they get started on those 25 luxury properties at last. Few pictures attached to show you before and after. Earth moving for someone? Earth moving for someone?

We had a Saturday night last night with some other owners that are here enjoying the calm and warmth. Nipped into Saidia Old Town where it was quite lively and a lovely, balmy 19 degrees at 9pm. Had a slap up meal including fish soups, kefta tagines and fresh fish of various types. All for the reasonable sum of 450 Dirham for all of us (approx €10/person). You can't drink alcohol in the local restaurants, but the food is superb and very reasonably priced. Cats galore

We've got some more new tenants on AP6. Mummy 'Ginger' and her four new kittens. They're very cute and extremely playful at the moment. As is normal, the kittens will be taken by security to new homes when they have been weaned. Prevents there being hordes of cats roaming the place. Family portrait attached.

We're always keen to give people what they a want - a novel approach for these parts. In response to readers of this blog who find the time to email us, we've added 2 new pages to the website: 1) a full pricelist page for products and services we can arrange for you and 2) a news section carrying stories from and about Morocco. We will also be resuming having photos with blogs.

Feel free to send us your comments or requests by clicking here and using the form on the page


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