Greetings from South Africa - 10th November 2009

Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa. It's grey and damp!? What's going on?

We left a very warm, sunny but slightly dusty Saidia just a week ago. We stayed overnight in Melilla to ensure no border shenanigans, and oh I am so glad we did ... as yes, we did have some issues with back & forth getting car forms stamped and re-stamped. Eventually got to the hotel, dumped our gear and went to do some more exploring, as we still do not really know Melilla, even after all this time.

Met a friend and went out to dinner in the tried & tested 'La Pergola'restaurant. As has been the case for us on many occasions in Spain, we cannot find a restaurant that is serving food before 8pm, so we sat with a jug of Sangria and waited for the kitchen to open. Always have a good meal here, and as it was a Tuesday night and 'out of season', a number of places were closed or not serving food, so again, a good choice.

The flight to South Africa was pretty uneventful, just looonnnnggg! A huge pitfall living in Morocco is the sky high prices of flights out of the place. Therefore we took the 'round the world' route from North Africa to South Africa, took a lot of time, but saved us a lot of money. Time we have, money - we're working on having some at some stage!! Just in case anyone is interested, the routing went something like this: Melilla to Malaga to Gatwick - bus to Heathrow, 6 hour wait, Heathrow to Doha, change plane in Doha, onto J'berg, stopover for an hour (all wake up please), and on to Cape Town. Total 35 hours. Please people, no more complaining of 2 flights from the UK to Saidia.

Moody Table Mountain

Arriving into Cape Town we were pleased to see that the airport is being seriously upgraded in time for the Soccer World Cup next year. Lots of road works and upgrading of buildings etc. It's going to be great, but it's a pain at the moment when there are 'Detour' signs everywhere and you get lost!

The weather has not been as kind to us as we had hoped, but everything else has made up for it tenfold. Dramatic scenery, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and a fabulous place for a holiday to 'get away to it all'. Well, let's be fair, living in Saidia, we are 'away from it all' most of the year, so on our holidays we ensure we get us back to 'it' - whatever 'it' might be. In this case it's a little bit of 'normality' in the form of nipping to the 'Mall' to check out what's hot and what's not. Enjoying a tasty restaurant meal and a visit to the cinema. Meeting up with friends and family. All things that we don't really get to do living in Morocco at this stage. All things we do that will come given time.

Mum, me and Mr V. at Asara

My Mum is visiting us in Cape Town at the moment. It's her first visit, and even though she brought all her summer gear and was hoping for a beach holiday, she seems to be enjoying it. We were able to visit Stellenbosch and a few of the wine estates today. Even splashing out and having lunch at Asara, one of the most perfect spots in the area as far as I am concerned. We're fortunate enough to have another three weeks to enjoy all that is on offer here. However we're cramming a lot in for the ten days while Mum's here too!

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