We're back! - 9th December 2009

We're back! Safe and sound in sunny Saidia ... what a welcome? The sun was shining and the breeze is a warm 22 degrees, certainly quite a difference from the last few days we spent in the UK!? I'd almost forgotten how damp and dark the UK can be in November. In addition, the frantic shopping that the vast majority seem to undertake, seems to be worlds away from the calm we have returned to.

The holiday to Cape Town to 'get away TO it all' was absolutely wonderful. However, there is something about 'coming home' to your own bed and surroundings that is very comforting. Obviously it helps if you return to glorious winter sun weather. It seems there has been the odd wet day, and some wind about in the past five weeks, but on the whole it seems to have been completely different to last November, when we were seriously doubting people when they said that the weather wasn't 'normal' for this time of year.

Today I am sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun on my face as I write. I've been down to the golf course, which still looks excellent thanks to the dedication of the ground team and the 'Greens Manager.' If I was a golfer, I think I'd be in my element playing the course on a day like today, it's pretty much perfect conditions. Shame it's closed? I cannot get my head around it, and of course I pray that this is not the case in future winters. However, I am thinking of making the most of it and taking up the offer of some lessons - at least with no-one about I'm not likely to hit anyone with a stray golf ball!

The resort is mostly quiet at the moment. As Eid is just coming to an end, workers are slowly returning from their homes and families, back to work. We've got a few owners over, and a number of people on site searching for long term rentals. There have been a few enquiries for stays over the Christmas period, but not as many as I'd hoped for. Maybe, as seems to be normal here, people will just turn up on the day and ask for accommodation.

Now, begins the hard work of ensuring that the summer season sees all the properties full. We are planning our marketing and promotions via the internet and in regional newspapers and via oversees agents. If anyone has any additional ideas for us, we are always willing to listen.

Glad to be home...

December sun in Morocco

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