5 Days until Christmas - 20th December 2009

Not that you'd know that living in Saidia ... The sun has been mainly shining, and the temperatures have been up in the 20's most days ... it's bloody lovely!

As we were not in Saidia this time last year, there are no blogs to compare to, but I do know for a fact that this time last year there was snow in the region and it had been snowing on the beach ... like I say, 'what a difference a year can make'! Last year's weather was unusual to say the least, so fingers crossed the rest of this year, and next year, go back to 'normal'. We are loving the winter sunshine.

This week has been quite an interesting week in general. We've had to ask the Spanish police for our 'lost' car in Melilla. Mr V. put out a fire in an apartment nearby. We had new French neighbours move in and Fadesa asked for our assistance!!

We 'found' our missing car in the police compound in Melilla. It would seem that while we were in Cape Town someone took a shine to our car and decided that they like the look of the wheels ... so for good measure they broke in via the rear windscreen, took the stereo and wheels and left it for the police to take away. To be fair, it was parked in a slightly less desirable neighbourhood, so we have learnt that lesson the hard and expensive way.

While I was sharing tapas in the sunshine in Melilla, after having just found the car, Mr V. was playing 'fireman' in Med-Saidia. It would seem our once slightly eccentric neighbour, had finally gone completely awol and done something that we said she might one day. It just came a lot sooner than anyone anticipated. She set fire to her house!? There was a billow of black smoke ... and well, we now know the firemen in Saidia are volunteers, thus it took over 30 minutes for two bewildered looking guys to turn up.

After two days of travelling by car from near Paris, our new French neighbours arrived late at night, weary and stiff from sitting in the car. Along with them was their friendly, pretty cat - Stella! It looks like they'll be staying a while at this rate.

Lastly, and possibly the most surprising event of the week, was the meeting I had with the almost infamous Mr Khattabi in the Fadesa offices. I was supposed to be meeting the new 'Foreign Liaison', Mr Aniss, to check up on some outstanding issues we have for people. As it turned out, Mr Aniss was off sick ('start as you mean to go on' - as one of my chemistry teachers was fond of saying). Well I was surprised to be invited to speak with Mr K instead (after our previous disaster). Anyway, suffice to say, this encounter was very different. Watch this space for further developments ... I am as intrigued as you are.

We went for a long walk today, down to the Globilia Hotel that is apparently due to open in Summer 2010. Yes, they have started some ground works and repaired some of the issues that were apparent, but still there is a huge amount of work to undertake before that hotel will open. Fingers crossed it will be ready for 2010. Let's be fair, even though there were a wide range of issues with the two hotels that were open this year, at least they did open, and they were pretty much 100% occupancy for much of the Summer duration.

Kids sailing club

The weather was stunning, and we've found out that Marsa, the watersports company based in the Marina are doing 'kids club' sailing lessons on Sundays. It's a great way to encourage people to the area.

At this stage there does not seem to be much other work going on around the resort. The roads are empty most of the time, but have suffered again from the lorries churning up the tarmac, thus meaning their likely going to have to resurface the roads again for the 7th or 8th time. The pavements are not in the best repair either and we're frustrated by the fact that many of the satellite dishes have been blown off course by the strong winds recently.

Well, on that note, I think all that is left for me to say this side of Christmas 2009 is :

Seasons Greetings from sunny Saidia.

Merry Xmas 2009

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