Christmas in Med-Saidia - 27th December 2009

On Christmas Eve we were fortunate enough to be invited to our new French neighbours for dinner. It is tradition in France to have a feast on Christmas Eve, and wow - did we ever! Caviar (if you please), with champagne to start. Followed by a little more champagne accompanied with foie gras & melba toast. What a major treat!? Then the 'piece de résistance' - stuffed guinea fowl on a bed of mixed rice with a sweet onion sauce, washed down with some full bodied French red wine... OK, yes, by now Mr V was possibly thinking 'how come we don't get this at home?!' Truth is, most of it was purchased in France and brought over - not easily obtainable in this region! Dessert was a lovely mixed berry crumble and vanilla ice cream. Yummy!! Sort of glad that we don't eat like that regularly though, or I'd be rolling around the resort, but it was lovely as a treat. We both slept extremely well...

Christmas Day dawned bright, warm and sunny in Saidia this year, with just a hint of a mild breeze. Perfect day for a BBQ on the balcony & why not ... it's not everyday you get to have Christmas in the sunshine, dining on your balcony is it? So we made the most of the day and invited some of our international friends to share with us. Fadoua from Morocco, Andre and Monique from France and as many of you know, Michael from Warminster. Riad from Spain (Melilla) also made a guest appearance to savour a quick beer. It was a lovely afternoon, with good food and good company, sitting in the warm sunshine.

It's Xmas bbq time! Shani dresses for Xmas

However, as it is a working day here in Morocco, we did have new neighbours moving in opposite, so we were on standby in case any assistance was required - thankfully, it wasn't. Which is possibly just as well, because after the French 'Ricard' apperitif, the Moroccan rose wine, and South African 'Amarula' liqueur, all I was good for was a nap!

It was a bit of a shame there were not more people here to have a bit of a party, and we do hope that in the future the resort is seen as a year round destination.

Then yesterday I was invited to go horse riding nearby. 'Ferme Caid Mansouri' is about 40 minutes scenic drive from Med-Saidia, basically in the middle of nowhere. It's surrounded by fields and distant hills. There were some young children taking riding lessons on some what looked to be Shetland Ponies. Very cute. When I finally mounted my horse - called Wafa, we plodded accompanied by the owners daughter Roxanne, around some of the nearby fields for about 40 minutes. Really nice way to spend a Sunday evening watching the sun set. Back at the 'Ranch' there were hot or cold drinks waiting for us, and a meal if we wanted. Well worth a visit if you or your kids like horses, they also have a pet camel and a couple of dogs.

Riding off in to the Moroccan sunset Time for a snack

Kids riding club

We've heard via the grapevine that pretty much all works on the site (except private works) have ground to a stop. There seems to be a magical date of 15th January being bandied around. Apparently this is when everything is due to commence again???? I for one will not be holding my breath, but I will be hoping that it is true, as the place is in great need of some positive input and atmosphere at this time of the year. The weather is fabulous and the resort is not being utilised to it's full potential, which in my opinion is a real shame.

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