Back to work - 3rd January 2010

This time last year we were almost ready to depart the UK en-route to South Africa. Having spent Christmas and New Year in the UK, we were ready for some warmth and sunshine.

This Christmas and New Year we got all the sunshine we could have wanted, and then some. The past few weeks have been absolutely wonderful weather wise here in Saidia. I can now see more of the potential that others were talking about - this can easily be a year round destination, it just needs some more infrastructure in place first.

We've been making the most of the weather by walking on the beach and collecting shells (I've started to make wind chimes for the balcony). We've been for a few bike rides around the resort to see if any works are taking place. It would seem there are a handful of gardeners working their way around the resort. Weeding and pruning, as well as chopping down the already dead palm trees. I do hope they are going to replace them at some stage, as the ones that are OK look quite impressive in the sunshine.

There are also a few random workers in the Iberostar Hotel. Looks like they are working towards rectifying as much as they can prior to opening their doors again in 2010. Fingers crossed they do a slightly better job this time round, although I still haven't seen much in the way of supervisors or people taking responsibility for works. We also haven't seen anyone at the Barcelo Hotel, or the 'rumoured to be opening in 2010' - Globilia Hotel. Both currently look like mini ghost towns with random bored security guards milling around. It's amazing what they're promoting on their website - I do hope that they pick up their game. More unhappy customers this year could really impact on people wanting to stay at the hotels.

We still keep hearing this 'magical' 15th January 2010 date being mentioned everywhere we go ... I'm intrigued & really hope it proves to be something positive. As it stand I am still waiting for works to be rectified by Fadesa in people's properties. Some of them have been waiting since April 2009!? It's like banging your head against a brick wall trying to get them to do simple things, as many of you will know first hand.

I hear that many of the AP5 purchasers are again being offered alternative properties in AP6, AP4 and AP2 that are supposedly already completed. Please, do not be fooled. The alternatives that are being offered are built - yes. Finished, not really! Plus some of these are being offered at higher prices? Why? If you require more personalised information, please do not hesitate to contact us. The one thing I will urge is, do not sign for these properties until you have ensured that they are actually completed and snagged.

There are workers on the Azur Plots of AP14, AP15 and AP16. I understand that they have decided to re-do all the interior decorating, to improve on what was originally installed. I am told the new places look really quite impressive. Now, all they have to do is advise of a realistic time frame to have them all finished.

We've also begun our works in earnest now, to ensure that as many people as possible have their properties 'up & running' for this coming Summer season. As, although the Summer season is going to be cut short by Ramadan again, which starts on or around the 11th August 2010 (for more details of holidays in Morocco -, we're expecting as many, if not more people in a far shorter period. Many of you will be aware how busy the entire region was during the past summer. Thus, knowing how long everything tends to take here, we're starting now in the hope that as much as possible will be completed by June at the latest! No, I am not kidding ... believe me when I tell you, to get a property fitted with all you require for rental or personal stays, it will take generally 3 to 4 months. For more information on the basics of setting up a property, please take a look at: .

We've been invited out to dinner tonight in the Marina. Hoping to get to try 'La Voile Blue' if it's open. We'll let you know how we get on.

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