Flooding in Saidia - what's the condition of your property? - 26th January 2010

Well! What a Monday we all had in Saidia. On Sunday afternoon, after weeks of unseasonally good weather, the rains arrived with a vengeance. It poured all night long and Monday morning greeted us with flooding problems galore.

The old town was badly flooded in parts, especially the back streets. Locals struggled to get out their front doors. The 2 million Euro defensive canal that commenced after last year's floods has not done its job. The reason? They haven't finished it.

Med-Saidia did not escape the deluge. Plots and properties were flooded.

Your crew at SaidiaHolidayRentals (SHR) spent the day running between properties to see that they were not being flooded. Where water had entered properties, this was dealt with and preventative measures were put in place to prevent a re-occurence. The rain was still pouring down as we went about checking on people's properties and fixing problems as we found them.

Time was of the essence, so only people who have paid their caretaker fees had their properties attended to. We are glad to report that most of the properties we are responsible for were either totally untouched or had minor handfuls of water on the floor in a place or two. Unfortunately, a couple of properties were badly flooded. One property had an inch of water throughout. 4 SHR people spent 4 hours mopping up and repairing this property. The cause of this property's flooding was a construction fault which we feel GFM is responsible for.

Now there is no cause for alarm. If you do not receive an email from SaidiaHolidayRentals about flooding in your property by the end of this week (there is more rain forecast for the next 2 days), then your property is safe and sound. We've taken good care of it, as if it were our own.

We finally finished our tasks and responsibilities at 7pm on Monday night, only taking half an hour out for lunch, having had no chance for breakfast. It was a frantic, tiring day.

Over the course of the day we saw many other properties that are not our responsibility which were totally flooded. Those owners will arrive one day to find their furniture rotting, damp all over their walls and a bad smell in the air. Spending money on making amends could be sizeable. Lost income from rental opportunities is also to be added to the equation. If they have insurance, we would love to know how Moroccan bureaucracy treats them.

It amazes us that some people think that a caretaker is unnecessary or too expensive. I think that if these people saw what we did on Monday, that they will realise a caretaker IS necessary and it costs more NOT to have a caretaker.

Some owners might have secured their properties against flooding (utility room windows, drainage grates, overflow pipes, etc.) but if your neighbouring property has not had the necessary attention, then it's flooding will affect you.

This is when having a caretaker of your own is vital. They need to be on-site and able to get access to other properties that are causing problems. Speaking the local languages and having working relationships that gets you to the top of the clamouring queue will prevent your property being damaged.

We will continue to monitor the situation and carry out daily inspections over this rainy period. February is the wettest month of the year in these parts. If you've been too busy to sign up for one of our caretaker packages, then now might be the right time to do so. Please visit this page to put your property in safe hands: http://www.saidiaholidayrentals.com/caretaker.html

Feel free to send us your comments or requests by clicking here and using the form on the page.


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