Return of Saidia sunshine & Syndicate Shenanigans - 31st January 2010

I am very happy to say that after the torrential downpours of last Sunday and Monday that we reported were gone, most areas were back to normal quite quickly. We do have some wet areas here and there, but generally most locations were dry again in less time than previously experienced. There are areas of low land that are still flooded, and will cause an influx of mosquitoes no doubt ... but at least the sun is now shining, and we're not constantly worrying about water getting into properties.

This week has been mostly spent waiting for deliveries and overseeing works in properties. It's quite a thrill for me to see apartments coming to life with décor. Never really saw myself as an interior designer, but I am quite enjoying putting things together. It's even more of a challenge when there is such limited choice in this region. Sure, if I had unlimited budget and resources, easy ... but believe me - and all those people that have been here recently looking for furniture can back me up on this, there is not that much to choose from within a 50-100 mile radius. No Ikea / Argos / M&S / Debenhams / Land of Leather / Primark / Dixons or Currys!! Consumers really are spoilt for choice in Europe and the USA ... Not here, which makes it even more satisfying to see the end result looks OK!

I had another meeting with GFM concerning outstanding snagging issues, and was told that I have to wait another 15 days before they will start some of my lists, as they have other pressing issues. Fair enough. I have the date in the diary, so I'll follow up with them then. Many of you have been waiting years, so another couple of weeks is not going to make that much difference. As I said previously, at least they are seemingly actively looking to assist now.

I've received a number of calls and e-mails concerning AP5 recently. So I went over and took some up to date pictures for you. As you can see, it's not moving - at all currently. If you are hoping to use your Moroccan holiday property anytime soon, I really would think about the option of swapping out of there. I reckon it will be a long, long time before that particular site is anywhere near completion. If you need some more information concerning this, please feel free to contact us.

We now also have a page on Facebook, trying to keep Saidia in the limelight at least. There are a range of pictures on there and owners can talk to each other on the 'Discussion' pages. If you search for Saidia, you'll be able to find it.

Many of the Oasis owners are now well and truly united. They have their own 'Group' whereby they can all 'talk' to each other via the internet. If you are an Oasis purchaser and would like more details of this group, please send me a message and I will put you directly in touch with the moderator of this group, so you can share information. Couple of pictures of VVT3 and RT5 for your perusal below.

The real show stopper of this week has to be the 'Owners Meeting for AP4' to decide on a 'Syndicate' for the management of the plot. I can seriously think of better ways to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon, but this meeting indirectly effects every owner on the Med-Saidia development, so it was a necessary evil in my book. Saidia Holiday Rentals were out in full force, representing four individual owners. I even got to play 'secretary' for a little while - that was a blast from a long ago past. Anyway, if you'd like to have more detailed information about this meeting, please feel free to contact us.

Feel free to send us your comments or requests by clicking here and using the form on the page.


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