Feedback on my previous blog - 14th February 2010

It would seem that my last blog really got people talking. We received a record number of feedback e-mails, and I would like to share just a sample as per below. Thank you to everyone that writes, it makes the effort worthwhile to know I'm not just talking to myself!

"Just read the rant... Keep up the good work! I am assuming some of that was directed at Property Logic, and if it wasn't they should be taking note anyway."

"Hope your well. Re:- your comments 7th Feb, telling it like it is! nice one. Cheers."

"As ever, this is to thank you for keeping us up to date on progress with our property. Your latest blog and photos of AP5 seem to demonstrate that AP5 will not be ready in this decade! What advice would you give us?"

"We need an unbiased, straight talking, honest, frank and most importantly trustworthy source of information. Don't let them get you down; the sales people will disappear it is the investors who are your long term customers! Keep up the good work!"

"I am saddened by the fact that you are still fighting these seemingly never ending battles with the developers. Instead of their "Negative" attitude to your Blog why not embrace your relationship with all the owners that look to you for help, support and most importantly the "real" situation at Med Saidia. It would serve them better if they had frequent meetings with you to understand the feelings of the hundreds of people that have paid millions of dirham's to live at Med Saidia and identify their issues before the relationships between developer and owner deteriorates. Don't they realise that if there is some bad news that it's best that it comes from the developer than find out on the grape vine or never get told at all, conversely when there is good news they should milk it!! Like many others that know you and Vaughan, I am eternally grateful for that fact that you are there, I would hate to think what it would be like if you were not there to help us. Your professionalism, kind and helpful nature surpass any kind of "Customer Support" that the developers have the nerve to offer. They should employ you to show them how it should be done, and I for one believe in the tell it as it is approach. If there are issues tell us upfront I don't want to spend a fortune getting there to find out that what was promised never materialised. You have my full support and backing in the work that you are doing and I am with you 110%. I thank you again for the help and support you are giving me at Med Saidia."

"We have had communication last year, but I wanted to say what an excellent report you have just posted re Saidia med in general. I really do hope the developers get to see this and begin to take matters very much more seriously."

"Just read your blog with great interest. It must be so frustrating for you to get things done. I do sympathise. People like you are of great importance to us (and many others) as we cannot oversee what is taking place in Med-Saidia not being there in person. You are right, our emails don't get answered and often we have to resolve getting answers by phoning Fadesa Office and in many cases it does not get us anywhere as promises are made and not kept and we are none the wiser afterwards. Your blogs keep us updated and in touch with progress, if there is any. We did not visit Med-Saidia until the last week in January, which was late, but as we kept being told that soon the apartments would be ready for snagging, we kept putting it off. Our decision to just go and have a look ourselves at the spur of the moment, got us in touch with you, which was the best part of our visit, as we got to know HOW everything was being operated and WHY things were so behind schedule. We did not even know your blog existed until we met you. We check on it every now and again and your information on progress is very much appreciated. We always felt kept in the dark, but now with your info, feel more in touch. Looking forward to your next blog."

"I for one find your blogs invaluable. You are the only objective person around and as far as I can tell, say it as you find it. Please keep it up. Thanks."

Happy Valentines Day !!

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