Kayaking in Med-Saidia marina - 21st February 2010

Mr V. and I decided to take a long over-due day off. The weather was simply stunning, and we'd been invited to try some of the equipment out on offer by Marsa, one of the aqua-nautical suppliers in the Med-Saidia Marina. So suitably attired we made our way to the Marina. Sat in the sunshine and waited for our kayaking session to begin.

Pretty soon, Mr V. was into his 'Mambo' kayak with the assistance of our 'tutor' Antonio (Spanish), the Marsa Manager. Considering Mr V. has never tried this before, he took to it like a duck to water. Once we were all safely seated, with wet butts, we did a circuit around the Marina. I'd forgotten how hard kayaking is on the upper arms, but it was such a gorgeous morning, it was lovely to just paddle and then drift along taking in the surroundings, and snapping some pictures. On one side of the Marina the old fishing boats were bringing in their catch and fixing the nets, while directly opposite were the large and very expensive yachts moored up. On the Medina side of the Marina there were children having sailing and kayaking lessons, and the whole time there were a parade of cars filled with families driving around, stopping to take pictures and enjoying the views.

Once our arms and wet butts could take it no longer, we sat in the sunshine and had coffee and mint tea at one of the cafes, and discussed the future possibilities for us to kayak down the nearby Moulouya river. Another adventure to look forward to.

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