Charity for the locals kids - 28th March 2010

Thank you to all the people who've written to ask where the regular blogs are hiding... I have just been really busy over the past few weeks trying to ensure properties are up and running in time for the Summer season. This hasn't always been helped by the lack of assistance by GFM technical staff (the guys that are supposed to fix the snags to you and me). Especially when they occasionally cause more damage than was there in the first place!? We continue to do battle with them on an almost daily basis to try to get snags completed for people. It's back to the uphill struggle ... after all the promises made in January of this year. However, in the past week, after a minor tantrum from me in their offices, things have dramatically improved again ... fingers crossed this time it continues... At least until the current list is finished.

In addition to the GFM headaches, the set up of water & electricity connections has changed slightly, and now we require various documents signed by the owner either in person here in Saidia, or indeed by a Notaire or Moroccan Embassy in your country of residence. You can write to me for more details if this affects you. It is currently causing more delays for those people looking to get water & electricity meters installed.

The past couple of weeks have seen a range of owners visiting the resort for various reasons, so we've been out and about a little more which has been interesting. It's intriguing to see the resort through someone else's eyes now and then. As we're here most of the time, I think we've become a little immune to some of the things that people who are just here for a few days seem to find dumbfounding. Little by little and slowly, slowly some parts are improving ... while others just astound even me! I am reliably informed by GFM that things will improve before the Summer season, I seriously hope so.

On a much more personal & positive note: opposite one of my favourite cafes in Berkane (they do fabulous turkey schwarma [Moroccan kebab] and chips) is the local Children's Home. So this week we decided to pay a visit to see if there was any way we could help out a little.

We've been talking about this for a while, and are really quite keen to set something in place for the local orphaned kids, in the way of charity or assistance, and with the help from our friend Fadoua, it makes the set up so much easier. There are approximately one hundred kids that live here, aged between seven to twenty years. The place has minimal government help, and relies predominately on donations. As you can imagine, a poor country, with orphaned kids relying on charity ... there is a lot they require. Therefore, we hope to have some of your assistance if you're able at some stage. We would like to pledge five hundred dirham a month (approximately £40.00), to help with food, clothing, bedding and school equipment. This is a very small donation, but in a small town like Berkane, as Tesco advertising states - 'every little helps'.

If you're looking to visit the resort in the near future, you could bring clothing that you were going to take to the second hand shop, any old freebie pens that have been received at work? Old sheets, duvet covers, towels... shoes ... clothing, basically the essentials that so many of us take somewhat for granted, these kids will appreciate it.

If you do visit Saidia and wish to visit the home, we are always willing to assist (time permitting). If you would like to make a cash donation, we can accept funds in various forms, and we will provide receipts from the home to guarantee that your donation has been received in full by them. I hope we are able to make a difference to at least some of them in the future by giving back a little to the nearby communities.

We have a new set of pages for the website - some pictures from around the resort and the region. Take a look at:

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