Signs of life - 18th May 2010

I cannot quite believe I have been back in Saidia for 2 weeks ... it almost feels as though I was never away. Fully back into the swing of things ... and enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Slightly different to having to have the central heating on while I was visiting the UK at the beginning of May !?

So, the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. We've had quite a few owners visiting properties and deciding what to do with them. Some are going to try to rent unfurnished, rare, but it does happen occasionally. Others are just having the water & electricity connected, which is still a very laborious process, and really does now require owners to be here to sign ALL the reams of paperwork. Others are going the whole way and having air con, furniture packs and gardens laid. So we're keeping very busy. It's just a shame that Fadesa don't seem to work as hard as we do ?!

We've managed take a number of bookings for properties in the past few weeks. Spanish, French and Moroccans from other regions are all starting to visit. They're enjoying the Spring sunshine and relaxed ambiance of the place. The pools on AP2 now look to be up and running ... fingers crossed they don't go the same way as AP4, which got fixed, and then apparently 3 days later was full of green water ? I'll go & check the situation there tomorrow. The pool on AP6 STILL isn't working, although we have the most full time habitants of the entire resort ? I have no idea what is going on. I have been promised numerous times that it will be ready for 1st June, when our new management company take over, but believe me, I have heard that said so many time about so many things, it now falls on deaf ears. Again, I would like GFM to prove me wrong, and have it fixed ready for the Summer rental season. Go on GFM - I double dare you to get it fixed for all those owners who want to rent out their properties for the Summer.

Talking of the Management Companies, many of you will now know that Paris Oujda are in charge of AP2 and AP4, while Unique Management are looking after AP6. To give each of these companies a fair crack at the whip, it really is necessary for everyone to pay their fees in a timely manner. Everyone should have received letters from one or other of these companies by now, detailing how much is due and how you can go about paying them. If you have not received this information (which I gather many people haven't - mainly due to incorrect addresses), please contact me and I can send you the relevant e-mail address to be able to contact them. The plots really do need some assistance nowadays, as GFM have neglected areas that should have been constantly looked after.

There are major serious signs of life around the resort these days. The golf course and club is getting busy. Still not many sets of clubs to rent out, and the prices of golf balls is just crazy (best to bring your own). The golf course still has no clubs of its own to rent out. However, I have heard really good reports about the greens and the course itself. We also have a couple of sets of clubs for rental if you're staying in a Saidia Holiday Rental property. We had lunch on the terrace of the club on Sunday in the sunshine, and it really was lovely. Check out some of the pictures.

After our lunch we drove around the Marina/Medina to take some video footage, to show just how popular the Resort is becoming. Click here to see this video on YouTube. There was a boat show of some kind happening ... not sure where that was advertised, but I wasn't aware of it until we arrived, but it looked interesting. All the restaurants and cafes were busy with tourists and locals alike. It's all positive. Yes, there are still some serious issues with water pipes and roads and plots to be built, but the resort is taking shape, and people are coming to town, it is going in the right direction.

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