Late Spring sunshine - 31st May 2010

It's been lovely weather here and in the UK this past week I understand. The difference is, we were able to go and have a dip in one of the pools at the villas! I wouldn't have been doing that if I'd been in the UK !

So, what's new in Saidia? The King has been in the region, and it is very apparent. Flags go up and come down on a daily basis, depending on where he's going to be visiting. Police line the streets. Onlookers gather in huge crowds just to catch a glimpse of the top of his head in most cases. We've missed him so far this year. Although I do love the fact that he and his brother are in the region, it basically means the streets get cleaned. Bits of the beach have been spruced up and the place looks loved and lived in.

There are approximately seven new restaurants that have been built directly on the beach in the Old Town. It might be just me, but I do seriously wonder where all the sewerage goes from these places. Plus, having so many, makes it a little difficult to actually access the beach from the road these days, and the wide open spaces of the beach that it used to be famous for, are now likely to be packed with sunbeds and umbrellas during the Summer season. Time will tell.

The rest of the Old Town is looking very different to a few years ago. Progress indeed. There are many new buildings, lots of construction and reconstruction. Shame though, as many old trees have been uprooted to make way for paving, new roads and palm trees... I like it more when it was 'authentic and quaint' personally.

There have been a few owners over in the past week, so we've been busy showing them around, hiring out golf clubs and cars, and having BBQ's. The golfers amongst them have been extremely impressed with the golf course and greens. Apparently it's like being famous, as currently you get the play the entire course with no one else on it. In addition to a great course, the restaurant also provides a pretty good lunch on most days. It's currently a 'set daily menu', but for 90dhs (£7.50) for three courses. Compared to the competition, it's a steal, and consistently good service too - always a bonus !

Now to the not so great bits. The pools on AP2 and AP4 are filled with water, for three days they looked wonderful and I was filled with optimism that something had finally been done right the first time around ... but four days later, there were also frogs, bugs and algae already!! They are not being correctly maintained. This is a real problem. Owners who are renting their properties, are likely to receive complaints. They are NOT swimable. As it is right now, I wouldn't put a dog in there to swim personally.

AP6 has no pool whatsoever. It's being dug up and worked on. A little late, GFM have had the entire Spring to work on this problem, but they leave it until the end of May and hope that it will be finished by 1st June... Obviously they seem to forget how long works need to be rectified here ... yes, a little bit of sarcasm! Unbelievable. They are due to hand over the plot to Unique Management today, and the entire plot is a mess. GFM were supposed to maintain the plot until a management company took over. They have not. What can we do. It is not fair to not pay the management company. GFM and their EMPTY promises made at the 'Syndic Meeting' ... I really, really wanted them to prove me wrong, but again, and again, it just doesn't happen.

By the way, was anyone informed that GFM have changed their e-mail addresses again (!) to ? Who's 'Excelia' me wonders? Hopefully at some stage, someone will shed some light on this change.

I understand that The Greens, an Azur development, is due to start 'hand over' of properties next week. I really am intrigued to find out what the owners make of their properties. So, if you're due over on your snagging visit, and you fancy a chat, please feel free to contact us.

Now, for all those people that have been contacting me concerning payment of their Syndic fees on AP6 ... I am waiting on a reply from the bank manager to clarify the situation. I will get back to you as soon as I can. For anyone else that would like us to pay their fees locally, please contact me for more information.

Feel free to send us your comments or requests by clicking here and using the form on the page.


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