Let's be fair - 25th June 2010

Following on from all the nonsense of the last few weeks, for the good of the resort, we all need to fair on one very important issue: payment of magement company fees. I would like to point out a few things concerning payments to your relevant management companies. These currently being Paris Oujda Immoblier on AP2 and AP4, and Unique Management on AP6.

For those of you who have received some type of information in the mail - yes, it's likely to be in French as that is the business language here in Morocco, but you really do need to make a point of getting it translated, or using a web-based translation tool such as 'Google Translate'. It is in your interest. You paid a lot of money for these properties, it would be a shame to possibly lose them over the sake of a few hundred dirham.

If you haven't yet received anything, it could be due to database errors, change of address or just plain lost in the post. If you have a property on AP2, AP4 or AP6 that you have signed for, you are due to be paying fees now. We all knew this would happen someday, and we've been sort of lucky that it took GFM so long to implement, although, because many areas have not been maintained, it might end up costing more in the long run. You need to know the laws surrounding non payment of fees, and what can be actioned by the management company if you do not pay your fees. For example, following court proceedings in Morocco by the management company, your property can repossessed and taken away from you. The laws in Morocco are very strict about non-payment of fees. Ask your relevant management company to send these to you - even if they are in French. It is in your interest to do so.

You then need to find out how to make payments if you are not in Morocco. Again you need to ask your management company for the relevant details if you do not have them already. The management companies cannot function without your payments. They need your payments now and those of 'GFM'/'Excelia'. It is not fair to delay these payments to them, if you have a property, surely you want it to have security, maintenance and hygiene ?

Right, I am now on 'semi holiday' thanks to POI, so I'm off to the pool... which by the way ... AP6 now has one - refurbished and new pumps and pipes, fully functional! Yesterday we went for a swim and saw 2 gardeners working, 2 cleaners sweeping up around AP6, security guards patrolling, a lifeguard on duty cleaning the pool and maintenance people working. It's been a long time since AP6 has been so busy and looking this good. The management company is living up to it's responsibilities - it's only right and necessary that the owners live up to their responsibilities. The days of GFM being responsibile for the plots is over - it's the owner's responsibility now.

For your information the contact details for current management companies in Med-Saidia are:

AP6 (Al Bahia) - Unique Management


Adresse: Residence Espace Fes 44, Rue Ibrahim Roudani, Bd Mohamed V 4eme etage

No 19 (V.N)-FES - 30000,

TEL/FAX: 05 35 94 01 11

Mobile: 06 62 80 73 73

Email: info@uniqmanagement.com

It really pains us to do this, but out of fairness and interest for what is necessary for the resort:

AP2 & AP4 - Paris Oujda Immobilier


Adresse: Angle Boulevard Hassan II et Allal Ben Abdellah (face a l'hotel ATLAL) 60600 SAIDIA MAROC

Tel: 00212 (0) 5 36 62 40 07

Fax: 00212 (0) 5 36 62 53 43

Mobile : 00212 (0) 6 78 85 39 74

Email: contact@parisoujdaimmo.com

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