Adieu - 1st August 2010

I'm am at a little bit of a loss where to start this blog, so I think I will just take the plunge.

Vaughan and I, after much deliberation and discussion, have decided to leave Saidia and return to the UK. This really has been one of the hardest choices I have ever had to make. At this time, Michael Gale will also be separating himself from the day to day operations that have been part of Saidia Holiday Rentals services offered.

As many of you that have met us will know, none of us came to Saidia with the intention of starting a 'business'. We came here for some much needed R&R (and Michael to retire). For Mr V & I, after our first year of being 'on the ground', we saw and met many people (ourselves included) who were being confused by the bureaucracy and in many cases ripped off by those worldwide 'cowboys', and we decided to assist to make life a little bit easier mainly for UK owners. We have in my opinion done a fantastic job. Looking back now, we have helped so many people, with so many aspects here, many of which probably would not have been possible had we not been helping out. I am extremely proud of what we have all achieved. It has been no mean feat. We have all had many obstacles to overcome and learn from. Being here and doing this has taught us all so, so much.

There have been a few issues along the way, with GFM initially (for most owners) and then Paris Oujda. These situations occurred NOT because of our property (which was surprisingly good compared to many I have seen in the past two years), but due to the properties we were looking after for all of you, and for the greater good of the resort. We're really glad to be leaving that part of Med-Saidia behind us.

Now however, we need to be realistic for our future. Mr V & I are both under 40 years old. Our assistance for people here has not proved to be as lucrative as we had hoped or expected. This being during the 'set up' phase of properties, where some commission can be expected. This 'set up' phase will die out. Following on from that, over the next five years Ramadan falls over the peak season for holiday rentals. We cannot 100% predict how this will affect the resort, but guess that there will be some negative impact on income figures for rentals. At our age, in this situation, we simply cannot afford to wait and see what happens. Like most people, we do not want to be poor old people. We have no kids to look after us, we need to look after ourselves.

As you'll know, we currently have the most up to date and realistic website of the Med-Saidia resort, as well as building up a database of approximately 260 owners and 180 guests over the past two years. We hope the website will remain, for a while anyway, although the blogs will cease and any updated pictures will be submitted by our colleague Fadoua periodically. Many of you will have met Fadoua during your visits to Saidia. She is well known in the region, and has been involved in the Med-Saidia resort since it's conception. We have recently offered Fadoua the option of 'taking over' Saidia Holiday Rentals. As yet, she is still undecided. It is a huge responsibility, and one that does need to have some serious thought. She will need to make it her own if she does take over. The situation will not be the same as it is now, it will be different. Everyone has their own style. If she does decide to take over the day to day running, it will be down to you as an owner to contact her directly and discuss what you want from your property going forward. I will advise you as soon as possible of Fadoua's final decision.

There is also one other option we have looked into. Especially for those people wanting to make the most of the short term rentals in the Summer season. A company based in Saidia Old Town called 'Oriental Blue.' . We have been impressed with their professionalism and honesty. They speak French, Spanish and English and have a European style of working - which believe me, is still quite rare here currently. They're local and well known, and have the staff and background to take on properties immediately.

For both of the above options, it will be necessary for you to organise a 'Proxy' form for them to represent you here in Morocco.

If anyone was thinking about setting up a Property Management Company here in Saidia, now might be a good time.

We are fellow owners on the resort, and we are now in exactly the same position as many of you. We need someone we trust, to pay our bills, caretaker our property and possibly find us a rental here and there. We will be leaving Saidia during the 1st week of September.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I do hope I haven't shocked you too much, and I really hope you can understand our decision. Recent events really have been the final nail in the coffin.

Feel free to send us your comments or requests by clicking here and using the form on the page.



Saidia Holiday Rentals is: Happy to have helped so many people

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