Farewell feedback - 24th August 2010

It was no surprise to read you had had enough. M and I were wondering what took you so long... Your last blog did give us the confirmation that all was not well in Saidia. Shame it had to come to this, as I am sure you would have wanted it differently. We only met you last February when we came to Saidia to see for ourselves what was taking so long to start enjoying an investment we had saved up for our retirement. Like you, Morocco appealed to us and we were very upbeat about investing here. Like so many others, we experienced one frustration after another, and again and again we kept hoping things would turn out for the better. Believe me, if we could get our money back, we would grab it and run. But alas, so much is at stake and we have no other choice, but to hang in there. Meanwhile three to four years of our retirement have gone by, we are not getting any younger, and quite frankly the enthusiasm is waning too. Although we don't fall under the scheme of your rental business, your blogs and info on Saidia will surely be missed. We were starting to rely on them as it was the only info available to us. Like so many of us know, it was impossible to get any the wiser by contacting Fadesa (previously so called) and all we achieved was frustration after frustration.

You are surely going to be missed and not being able to get any more blogs is such a loss as we were relying on them for all that was going on in Saidia. We wish you well and hope the future will be bright for you both. Take good care of yourselves.

Kind regards,

M & H C

Bonjour, chers amis

C'est avec beaucoup de chagrin que nous lisons votre dernier email!...

PERSONNE je dis bien PERSONNE n'arrivera à vous remplacer au sein de ce complexe! et c'est avec effarement que nous voyons arrivé l'échéance de votre départ.

Sachez bien, tous les trois que l'on vous gardera très proche dans nos coeur et que nous espérons que vous reviendrez nous voir , pour passer quelques temps de vacances à Saïdia lorsque vous aurez pu faire votre "trou" quelque part dans le monde!....

A TOUS LES TROIS , vous qui avez été si efficace en tout point, nous vous souhaitons : BONNE CHANCE!

De toutes les façons lorsque l'on est honnête comme vous l'êtes, vous ne pouvez que recevoir du bon et du bien!

Heureusement, il y a internet et j'espère que vous ne vous lasserez pas de recevoir nos emails de temps en temps.

Stella, va certainement vous chercher pendant un bon moment!

En tous les cas je suis sûr qu'elle vous ferez un gros "ronron" de remerciement si elle savait!!!...

Vous êtes MAGNIFIQUES sur les photos!



M, A et S

Hi there!

What terrible news. We are devastated that you are leaving. You have done such a fantastic job. We can't imagine anyone being able to fill your shoes. You really have been a life-line. We thought everything was going so much better with the new management company and that your life would become easier now that Fadesa were out of the picture.

Again, you really have done an amazing job. You deserve to do really well. You both have so much initiative. We've been really impressed by how you've taken on Morocco!

Take care,

F & J

I was sorry to receive your e-mail but not surprised. It must be very difficult attempting to make a living in Saidia with all the obstacles you have faced. at the end of the day we must all look after ourselves and I wish you and Vaughan the very best of luck with whatever life holds in store for you.

As you state you are in the same position as me with regards owning a property in Saidia and as you are the only reliable person I know in Saidia I would request your advice as to what is best to do.



Don't know if you remember us but we met you and Mr V when we came to look at the Oasis site where we are buying an apartment. We've been reading your blog ever since, the ups and downs, ins and outs and all the Saidia news, all of which has been very interesting and helpful.

Just want to wish you both all the very best for the future and hope everything works out well for you back in the UK.

Kind regards


It is easy to understand your reasons for stopping all of this esp. after reading your recent blogs.

What an absolute nightmare!!

Yes you can be rightly proud of yourselves for what you have done & achieved on behalf of all of us.

You know that we cannot thank you enough.

We know that without you we would be in a right mess!!

So we will just wait to hear further from you.

Thank you again Shani & Mr V. for EVERYTHING.

Kind Regards


What a shame that you are moving on, you really have been inspirational during this most challenging of purchases. I would like to sincerely thank you for everything you have done and achieved and you should be absolutely proud of yourself. Even though we have yet to meet (at least until about 4 weeks time) I am sure I will feel like I have lost a friend when you finally move on, your help support and updates will be really missed.

I hope when we come over at the beginning of August we can decide on our next move regarding the apartment once we have had a chance to meet some of the other people who are providing services. I think it is fair to say they will have to go some to get anywhere near the standards you have set in running your business. We are really looking forward to coming to Saidia in August and to finally meeting up.

Thank you one again for everything and lets hope someone takes on the mantle of Saidia Holiday Rentals, its a fabulous site and I believe as the resort continues to develop that all your hard work will be rewarded.

Kindest regards - I

We will miss you and Vaughan - no doubt about it! Apart from all the help and initiative you have shown in getting things off the ground - it was very nice to meet you and socialize last year.

Shani - if you are coming back to the UK and ever travel Bristol way, please let us know. Would be great to see you and Vaughan again!

All the best

F & J

I (as I am sure many owners will be) am disappointed that you have decided to leave Saidia. Along with Mike, you and Vaughan have been an invaluable source of reality amongst a sea of bs and frustration. Many, many thanks for everything that you have done for Saidia and the very best wishes for the future.

Kind regards


Hi Shani & Vaughan

So sorry to hear things have not worked out for you and that you are returning home to the U.K. I think however you will find in the long run that you have made the right decision.

I am sure you will be able to put your new skills to very good use, alongside your already not inconsiderable skills. Unfortunately we will not see you when we next visit in October. We will miss seeing you around, hopefully our paths will cross on one of your visits, send us your email address if you would like to keep in touch.

Best Wishes for the future

K & J

Hope you and Vaughan are keeping well.

We're still taking in your bombshell e-mail informing us of your decision to leave. After everything that has happened we completely understand how you have come to this decision.

We'd just like to re-iterate our pervious e-mails that we are so very grateful for all you and Michael have done to help us getting our property up and running. The service you have provided has been fantastic and we could not have got to the stage we are without all your help! Our sincere thanks to you all.

We are very sad that you won't be there going forwards, and doubt that we will find another company who we trust as much or who will offer the same level of service that Saidia Holiday Rentals has.

This next part is very cheeky, but if we don't suggest it we will regret it! We don't feel that we have any right to ask you to re-consider your decision, but if there is any small possibility of you changing your minds in the future, then please bear in mind that we have said from the start that we always felt that if you offer a premium service such as that Saidia Holiday Rentals offers, then people will pay a premium for it and we would certainly be happy to pay a higher standing annual charge for the caretaking services you provide, and I am sure others would as well. You have built up such a fantastic reputation, that we would be surprised if others wouldn't consider this, or haven't suggested this as well. Just something to consider!

We wish you all the very best for the future, wherever it takes you!

Best wishes,

H & A

Firstly D and I think you have done a fantastic job and you both have every right to be proud. The owners owe you a huge thanks for all you have done. I do not blame you for wanting to move on you have worked very hard and if its not paying well then you must think of your future.

We were hoping to visit Saidia but I have been ill and D working harder than ever to pay for the mortgage on the apartment and the mooring. We hope to get there towards the end of September so, unfortunately we will miss you.

K & D

It's a real shame as it sounds like the resort needed you, just from reading the blogs etc I can tell you put your hearts and souls into what you were doing. In a weird way I'm going to miss that you weren't there to help me which, I feel shows how much your human touch came across. I wish you every success in whatever you do.

Warmest regards


I am so sorry for you. I have followed your blogs for many months and find what you are trying to achieve to be positive, productive and helpful ( whilst I wait for my apart on RT7 to be finished one day).

In very general terms, I have found the Morocco experience to date ( and that has involved touring and travelling the length of the country ) to be very disappointing.

The mentality appears regressive and unaccommodating and is no way to carry on if they ( the authorities and powers to be ), hope to achieve their programme. Some people I know, have felt it is high time that the printed and electronic media in Britain and Europe, begin to expose what is going on in parts of the country in respect of their development programmes and attempt to embarrass them into some proper accountability and action. For sure, I know many who could seriously damage the countries reputation during these days, whilst recognising of course that we will be cutting off noses to spite face to a degree. But, perhaps time is right to make a stand and stop letting them continue to 'get away with it '.

You have my support, I hope you stick around and your endeavour and work pay off for you.


Its a great shame what you and your team are having to go through. You have been so helpful to so many property owners who are buying out there me included I'm coming over on the 13th July to complete or not on our apartment on the greens development.


It is a sad state of affaires that is happening in Saidia, I really hope that someone in authority gets to know that Med Saidia was once part of the vision of the King of Morocco has now turned in to Stalag Saidia.

How on earth can POI and most importantly Jacques Afergan get it in to their head that they can do this without the permission of the owners, after all as you say We the Owners employ him pay his salary? How can I tell me family in eth UK that my apartment is available for their summer holidays and find out that they were denied access to the apartment? This "Full Proxy" is a load of rubbish, I live in Dubai not the UK not Morocco, I have appointed you as my letting agent, my property manager and I am more than happy with your services. If POI wish to compete with your services let them do so, but heavy handed tactics and making up their own rules does nothing to want me to shift my allegiance to POI and not Saidia Holiday Rentals, quite the reverse it strengthens my plans to stay with you.

Should this state of affairs continue and POI refuse to become more flexible, transparent, I for one will be seeking legal action against POI for loss of rental opportunities, now wouldn't that look good in the news paper.

Maybe some of your readers might like to check out http://www.propertycommunity.com/forum/morocco-property/ this is a web site dedicated to the ups and downs or purchasing and owning property and GFM features quite prominently in the Morocco section. Yes another nail in the coffin lid of the 2010 vision for Morocco.


This is so depressing hearing yet again bad news about the development. It does strike me that the Moroccans seem to have a death wish over this development. I understand that their culture is completely different to ours and perhaps adopting a generous nature this may take some time to adjust to a more equable situation. I hope that this is the case so we shall watch and wait on that one.

Rumours also seem to abound regarding the viability of Property Logic and the 'force majeure' extension is about to run out and I suspect they will be deluged by litigation to repay deposits under the guise of breach of contract. My personal feelings are that we are likely to see that PL will be a classic case of 'the emperors clothes' and that their book of excuses is coming to the end. Yet again, we shall have to watch and wait on that one.

There are some things in life that you wished you had never embarked upon, and boy, is this one of them!

Keep up the good work! Best Wishes


I have recently discovered your website and have been avidly reading the "latest news" section which I have found most helpful - so first of all, a big thank you for this. I think I have found out more about what is going on in Saidia through this, than by any other means.

We feel we are banging our heads against a brick wall as the customer services number is never answered and as we have had no communication, we are not sure even that we have the correct names or emails to try to contact. We also do not know what state the apartment is in, or what attempts are being made to remarket it.

Is it possible therefore, that you could let us have contact names and details of anyone who you think we should be contacting and any other advice you feel appropriate.

Thanking you in anticipation,

N & P

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