Information for owners of a property in Med-Saidia, Morocco

Doing business in Morocco

Business moves at a much slower pace than most Westerners will be accustomed to. The emphasis is on relationships as opposed to the actual task. It is definitely a case of, it's not what you know, it is who you know that makes things work. Far from being a waste of time, developing these relationships is crucial to doing business in Morocco. Generally most Moroccans love to be helpful and once a relationship is established, people will often put themselves out to assist and help you.

Moroccan timekeeping; haha ! Sorry ... time is 'flexible' in Morocco, and "on time" is a relative concept. Again, this is something that many Westerners find a frustration, especially when time is of the essence. It really does help to be patient, as showing obvious irritation will not normally help achieve your objectives. Timetables are often unrealistic, and it is good practice to allow a generous time margins. As many of us will already know from our 'snagging lists' ! Never too busy for tea

Moroccan bureaucracy is mostly unfathomable. A good network can definitely help cut through the layers of red tape. This bureaucracy is based on the French administration process, and following protocol is crucial, with courtesy and formality being the rule. It's what many Moroccans are used to and to date they don't know any other way, especially in rural regions such as Saidia.

Though the first language of most Moroccans is 'derija', French does tend to be the main business language. Although being able to speak a few phrases in Arabic will gain a great deal of respect. If you cannot speak either language at all, you may run into some difficulties along the way. The English-speaking office staff are not always going to be here.

Harmony and politeness are highly regarded, usually regardless of the circumstances. To preserve the peace, minor (and sometimes major) "untruths" are both accepted and expected. It is considered shameful to admit one doesn't know or is unable to do something. "No problem" is a phrase you will hear often; it should be taken with a huge pinch of salt in many circumstances.

In general, things will eventually get done, but in the Moroccan time frame, and hey .... c'est la vie ici.

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