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A thoroughly clean and laundered property is essential to present a property to our guests. They are paying top-notch prices and expect a top-notch product. Every time your property has had guests stay, we do a Type A clean and launder afterward in anticipation of the next guests' arrival. You wouldn't expect anything less yourself, would you?

Below is a detailed desciption of the 3 types of clean and laundry that are possible and necessary. Type A is what we do daily, while Type B is more for long-term lets or a "Spring clean". Type C is best for people taking receipt of their new property and want to have that newly-cleaned home feeling.

TYPE A: Departure / Pre-arrival clean and laundry
  • Mop bathrooms

  • Mop kitchen

  • Mop of dining / living room floor

  • Mop floor in all bedrooms

  • Mop floor in all terraces and patios

  • Overall dust cleaning

  • Full disinfection of bathrooms

  • Clean and disinfect bathroom basin, toilet and bath, bidet, etc.

  • Clean kitchen top and sink

  • Make-up beds

  • Collect any linen for laundry/wash

  • Collect garbage

  • Cleaning of all windows

  • Cleaning of refrigerator, microwave, oven, toaster, etc.

  • Cleaning of kitchen cupboards outside

  • Cleaning of floor - moving furniture, carpets, sofa cushions, etc

  • Cleaning of terrace furniture

  • This clean typically takes a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 5 hours.

    Property Price (Dirhams)
    1 bedroom apartment 550
    2 bedroom apartment 725
    3 bedroom apartment 900
    2 bedroom townhouse or villa 825
    3 bedroom townhouse or villa 900
    4 bedroom townhouse or villa 1000

    * Please note: prices are quoted in Dirhams

TYPE B: Long Term Tenancy / Spring Clean - This includes TYPE A plus:
  • Cleaning of kitchen cupboards, inside

  • Cleaning of kitchen tiles and extractor fan

  • Wash frames and doors

  • Cleaning bathroom tiling

  • Cleaning dust from lamps, pictures, etc.

  • Cleaning of the wardrobes, chest draws etc - inside and outside

  • Cleaning of shutters and blinds

  • Minimum 4 hours / maximum 6 hours

    Property Price (Dirhams)
    1 bedroom apartment 725
    2 bedroom apartment 825
    3 bedroom apartment 950
    2 bedroom townhouse or villa 950
    3 bedroom townhouse or villa 1050
    4 bedroom townhouse or villa 1200

    * Please note: prices are quoted in Dirhams

TYPE C: Moving-in clean / Builders Clean
  • Remove all rubbish.

  • Remove all surplus cement, plaster, paint grease marks on paintwork from walls, tiles, terraces, floors, cupboards, domestic equipment etc.

  • Clean kitchen cupboards and drawers - inside and out.

  • Clean all kitchen worktops and equipment.

  • Clean and disinfect all kitchen appliances (including hob, oven, fridge/freezer, microwave, extractor fan, wall tiles & wall kitchen appliances)

  • Clean and disinfect all bathrooms including toilets, bidets, washing basins and sanitary appliances.

  • Sweep and wash the floors and terraces.

  • Sweep and wipe down all the walls and ceilings.

  • Wash down all paintwork from doors, wardrobes etc.

  • Clean all wardrobes and chest draws - inside and out

  • Wash and clean all shelving, if applicable.

  • Wash and clean utility room, if applicable including the appliances inside.

  • Wash and clean fireplace, if applicable.

  • Wash and clean all shutters and blinds.

  • Wash and clean all A/C interior units or grilles.

  • Wash and clean all security grilles.

  • Clean and shine polish all windows, mirrors and glass doors - inside and outside.

  • This industrial-strength clean typically takes a full 8 hours and what a difference it will make.

  • Property Price (Dirhams)
    1 bedroom apartment 1200
    2 bedroom apartment 1400
    3 bedroom apartment 1500
    2 bedroom townhouse or villa 1500
    3 bedroom townhouse or villa 1600
    4 bedroom townhouse or villa 1700

    * Please note: prices are quoted in Dirhams

The cleaning and laundry process is more time-consuming than most people realise. The laundry is a particlarly time and cost-intensive process. We have to collect laundry from properties, replace them, take the dirty laundry to be laundered, fetch the clean laundry and revisit each property to return the clean laundry. It is not just a one-visit exercise.

All initial enquiries should be directed via email to: shani@saidiaholidayrentals.com

We look forward to assisting you.

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