Moroccan-style furniture for your property in Saidia

In our travels and experiences in our quest to find a good supplier of Moroccan-styled furniture we have learnt a few tricks of the furniture trade in Morocco. One common trick is say that a piece is made entirely of one type of wood - often this is not the case. Some unscrupulous carpenters will, for example, charge you for oak or cedar and then substiture in cheaper pine in areas that can't be accessed or easily seen. Another trick is to accept an order or commission with a down-payment and then never deliver. They will blame suppliers, the weather, cite ill health, any plausible excuse to string you along. All of this wastes valuable time and causes unnecessary distress, especially if you're in a hurry to have your property ready for rental.

Our supplier is better than those shenanigans as he has a reputation to protect which has taken years to build up. His word is his bond. We wouldn't be recommending him if he didn't meet the expectations of ourselves and our clients.

All the furniture is hand-made in Morocco, using local craftsmen, traditional methods and regionally-sourced woods.

Unusually for Morocco, our supplier offers a 2-year guarantee on the furnishings and white goods that he provides. Even more unusually, he also offers to repaint for free after a year the metal on the metal furniture package below.

- For the Moroccan-themed furniture package which has a high wood content, please click here...

- For the Moroccan-themed furniture package which has a high metal content, please click here...

Below is a sample of other types of products that are not included in the package, but might be available depending on seasonal supply and stock levels.

Door-style dining table with glass surface - also available in a matching coffee table. Sideboard - decorative items not included patio table TV stand

We can also provide a range of air-conditioners installed by people experienced at installations on the resort. There's the obvious way to install air-conditioning on Med-Saidia, then there's the right way. We know the right way of doing this. We believe it's always cheaper to get it right the first time around than do it over. You can read more about our air-conditioning service by clicking here....

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