Information for owners wanting to let out their Saidia property

Morocco is very different from most places where Westerners buy property abroad. In an attempt to help property owners come to grips with how things are done in Morocco, we've put together a series of information pieces that we hope you find useful. Please click on one of the titles below that is a link to a topic that you might find useful. Moroccan patio living

- Our Pre-completion "Snagging" service

- Our photo service - current photos of your property

- Doing business in Morocco

- Saidia old town

- Would you like to see a video of what Mediterrania-Saidia has to offer? Just click here...

- A welcome pack of groceries can be delivered to your property before you arrive...

As the first step in marketing your property we will arrange to visit and photograph your apartment or villa so that we can evaluate it. Then we shall discuss any relevant details including our minimum standards, availability and booking conditions. Our representative will advise you on current rental market conditions in addition to, if necessary, advising you of any equipment or works required to prepare your property for the letting market. We also gladly answer any questions or special requests that you may have for us.

We like to have first-hand knowledge of each property so that we can speak about your property with confidence when answering questions by prospective guests.

The property assessment is absolutely free of charge for you and without any obligation to continue with the letting process.

We have found that our guests are becoming more discerning about their holiday requirements. As a result, we look for properties that are well equipped, attractive and comfortable.

A good lettings property should provide paying guests good quality living conditions. As a minimum, a property should have suitable sitting room and dining room furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, bedrooms with quality sheets, some outdoor furniture and a bathroom with shower facilities - as a minimum. A better standard of property should offer a washing machine, dishwasher, good patio furniture and large television with a dvd-player and satellite television. Extra facilities, such as a sun loungers and a barbeque, will improve your letting potential.

After each guest's stay, your property will be professionally cleaned, the bedding and towels laundered and changed, all so as to be ready for your next guest. In busy periods we even do this all in one day for several properties. We've developed a team of reliable, excellent cleaners who do a great job for everybody. You can see what we do and how much we charge at: cleaning services and charges

We understand the needs of both owners and guests, so we do our utmost to accommodate everybody's wishes.

Every property included in our portfolio is featured free of charge on our website. You only pay our modest listing fee when your first paying guest checks in for their stay.

So what do we charge for our time, efforts and knowledge, you ask? We charge an annual listing fee of 1000 Dirhams per property, which is deducted from your first guests monies which we source for you. Thus you are listed for free until we get you a booking. On top of that, we charge 20% of the total value of a booking. Once again this comes from the payments we collect on your behalf.

Here's a typical example: A guest stays for a week in a 2-bedroom apartment. They pay 1000 Dirhams a night (a nice round number for illustration purposes). That's 7000 Dirhams that we collect on your behalf. We deduct our 20%, which in this case would be 1400 Dirhams. Then the property needs to be cleaned. Our basic clean and laundry costs for a 2-bedroom apartment are 725 Dirhams. (The cleaning and laundry costs vary depending on the size of property). You would thus nett 4875 Dirhams (69%) for this week's booking. Obviously stays of longer periods are more profitable for you because the cleaning cost is only incurred once.

When you decide to use the property yourself, please inform us. We require booking details from you so as to avoid double bookings.

We also provide a comprehensive range of property management services in addition to our lettings service, which is proving very popular with overseas owners. (Click here for our property management services) A property that is in good condition is more likely to attract higher rental income and discerning clients, thus maintaining the value of the property and yielding a respectable return on your investment.

If you would like to know what the flow of tasks is to ready a property for use is then please click here.

Please click here for more about our white goods options for kitchens and laundry rooms.

When deciding to let your property to paying guests you will need to take out adequate insurance cover. We think you shall agree that when letting a property out, it is important that a property is adequately and suitably insured. To this end we can offer you a competitive insurance policy arranged with a leading insurance organisation with complete financial security.

Our objective is to maintain the quality and value of your property, as this is essential for the success of the resort.

So if you wish to list your property on this website, please click here to see how to go about this...

We look forward to assisting you.

The SaidiaHolidayRentals crew.