Securing a mortgage for your property in Morocco

We have been speaking to a range of people who are looking to obtain mortgages for their properties here in Med-Saidia. It would seem that some of you are paying a very high price for setting up these mortgages. Brokers are typically charging £195 (non-refundable) plus 1% of the value of the mortgage!

To date it has been a case of figure it all out as you go along if your French is good enough ... or you pay a broker handsomely for doing it all for you. SaidiaHolidayRentals has decided to change all that.

We taken the time to get all the forms and translate them in to English. We've spoken to several local bank managers to see what each bank requires. We've done all the groundwork for you. We've put together a guide which details exactly what is involved. Now you CAN do it all yourself, CAN get it right and will save yourself hundreds (if not thousands) in the process. View from AP4 balcony

Yes, the process of purchasing a property in Morocco can seem bewildering as reams of paperwork written in French and covered in endless stamps keeps appearing, along with fees that need to be paid. This, however, need not be such a scary process as long as you have some basic facts at your fingertips. These we provide to you, ready with forms for you to complete.

We have recently successfully been through the process ourselves and are aghast at what brokers are charging people. So we have taken a look, streamlined and refined the procedure to make it less of a chore for you.

Morocco is not the same as the UK, where people get ripped off for most basic things they need. We would firstly suggest that you set up a mortgage in Morocco, with a reputable bank such as Societe Generale or Banque Populaire. This is usually a very low-cost process, usually 65 to 100 Pounds at the most. It takes a little time and some paperwork needs to be completed, but that's all. It is not a difficult process, just a possibly time-consuming one. However, it will take the same amount of time for a 'broker' to obtain and you'll pay him a small fortune for the pleasure.

If you already have a 'convertible bank account' here in Morocco, you generally need to go to the bank in person to sign the final 'deed' for the mortgage. If you're going to be here to sign for your property, why not just add one more day to your 'holiday'? It could save you at least the cost of the flights in the future, if not more.

If you do not yet have a bank account in Morocco and you're looking to obtain a mortgage here, you will need to open a bank account. A simple and straightforward process. Again, our guide provides you with the details.

If you would like to save the 'fees' incurred by a broker for setting up your mortgage at a Moroccan bank for you, then our guide is for you. Why end up paying a broker thousands of Pounds for something you could do for yourself?

Save yourself time, stress and money with our Moroccan mortgage guide

The cost of our proven guide is just £45 (€49 or US$75). If our guide fails to help you secure a mortgage, we'll refund you in full. No mess, no fuss. Remember: brokers will charge you hundreds - non-refundable - and guarantee you nothing.

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We look forward to assisting you.

The SaidiaHolidayRentals crew.