Property services for you in Med-Saidia

Fancy a swim on a hot day?

We help property owners equip and maintain their properties. From fitting utility room windows, to insect screens, to air-conditioning to helping you choose tasteful furniture that will actually fit your room dimensions, to waiting for the delivery of your purchases in your absence - we cater to a landlord's every need.

We've been helping property owners on Med-Saidia for years now and some of our expat colleagues have been through the entire process themselves when setting up their own homes on Mediterrania-Saidia. We even offer a comprehensive range of property management service options to suit any budget.

Unlike other rental services, we actually live on site. We know the properties and environs first-hand. We can answer pretty much any question you might have.

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  • Air-conditioning

    We can provide a range of air-conditioners installed by people experienced at installations on the resort. There's the obvious way to install air-conditioning on Med-Saidia, then there's the right way. We know the right way of doing this. We believe it's always cheaper to get it right the first time around than do it over. You can read more about our money-saving air-conditioning service by clicking here.... Vertically-opening mosquito screen

  • Insect screens

    If people are afraid to open the doors because of insect, they will use the air-conditioning. Insect screens pay for themselves because they cut down on unnecessary air-conditioner use. People can also sleep with the doors open in the hot Summer nights.

    We can offer 3 types of insect screens - vertical, horizontal and doors - that will suit any budget. You can have it in a choice of three colours too. If you want, we can even motorise the vertical and horizontal types for you. Each one has to be custom made for the door it is covering because Moroccan builders don't seem to do 'square' too well.

  • Utility room windows

    We can have sliding windows installed over your utility room window. You wouldn't want rain, birds and insects getting in, would you? We believe prevention is cheaper than cure.

  • Cleaning service

    Would you like a professional cleaner come and give your property a thorough clean? Whether its a Spring-clean or an industrial-strength moving-in clean, we can help you with this chore. Please click here for a description of and prices for our cleaning service.

  • Our "caretaker" service

    We offer a range of property management services that suit any budget. How much is the peace of mind worth to you knowing that someone IS regularly checking in on your property investment? There is somebody there who has your interests at heart?

    We will regularly check the maintenance of your property both inside and out and arrange for any emergency work to be carried out within 24 hours where necessary. When non-essential work needs to be done we will contact you with a quotation and a concise explanation of the extent of the problem.

    We know that your property represents a large investment for you and your family. We are committed to giving you complete peace of mind regarding the safety, maintenance and running of your property in your absence, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please click here for a description of and prices for our caretaker options.

  • Solar panel heating

    We can source and install aesthetically-pleasing solar panels if your property can have these fitted. You'll be surprised at the price of electricity in Morocco. We've done the maths and the panels we supply pay for themselves in less than 4 years. Please click here for more about solar panels. Jardinaire converted in to a seating area

  • Bespoke building services

    Don't know what to do with your balcony? How would you like a jardinaire converted in to a seating area? Fancy a purpose-built barbecue area? Got a great idea for your property and need somebody to get the job done right? Should your property require a carpenter, joiner, electrician, plumber or another trade, we can arrange for the work to be done to a high standard at a fair price.

  • Alarm Installation

    We can arrange the installation of alarm systems in your property and we will represent you in your absence, should the alarms be activated.

  • Delivery of Goods

    If you are having goods delivered to your property in your absence, we can wait for and supervise delivery, control access and check goods before signing for them on your behalf.

  • Emergency Contact Number and Health Services

    We provide an emergency telephone number for those staying in your property to contact us in any emergency situation.

    We can also provide accurate information on how to contact local hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, dentists and other health service providers.

  • Furniture Design and Supply

    We can help you furnish your property through our network of tried-and-trusted furnishing suppliers. (Please click here for our furniture packs.) We have been careful to put together packs that are able to stand up to the typical wear and tear of the holiday maker. No cream suede sofas here waiting for red wine spills.

    Our complete furniture packs that include everything from spoons to sofas. In fact, everything you need to make your property in Saidia a home from home for you and a great place to stay for your guests. We can do this cheaper, quicker and better than anyone else, so that your property starts paying for itself as quickly as possible.

    Please click here for more about our white goods options for kitchens and laundry rooms.

  • Garden and Pool Maintenance

    Upon your request, we will regularly maintain your gardens and pool so that you and your guests can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of Morocco.

  • Insurance

    We can obtain quotes for property, household and public liability insurance.

  • Key Holding

    We will keep your keys secure for you on-site in Med-Saidia.

  • Lock Changing

    We urge all owners to have the locks of their new property changed as quickly as possible. Do you know where your keys have been? We can arrange for new locks and keys for you.

  • Water and electricity connection and bills

    We can get your property connected to the water and electricity supply. This is not as straight-forward as in other countries and can take some time. After connection, if you wish, we can manage the payment of these accounts on your behalf.

  • Satellite Dish Installation

    Satellite television connection can be arranged where necessary. Many of the apartment developments have satellite dishes pre-installed to avoid visual pollution. In many cases all that is needed is a receiver box to be connected to the television in your property. If you have a villa, then you will need an entire dish and box system. We can arrange this for you.

  • Swimming Pool Installation

    We can arrange for professional local pool specialists to quote for the installation of swimming pools at very competitive rates.

  • Welcome Packs

    A welcome pack of essential grocery products can be delivered to your property on the day that you or your guests arrive. (Please click here for our Welcome Packs service)

  • Medical and other Emergency Kits

    A well-equipped medical kit in a rental property is always a good idea. The nearest medical facilities are many miles away and in Morocco patients are expected to take their own consumables with them. With various types of people coming and going, it is almost inevitable that one day there will be a mishap in your property. Not only is this a good humanitarian gesture, but you wouldn't want blood all over your furniture, would you?

    Prevention is also better than cure, so we can also provide fire extinguishers and other fire retardent materials.

    Your property represents a large investment for you and your family. We will give you complete peace of mind regarding the safety, maintenance and running of your property in your absence 24 hours a day.

    We know what the rental market expects from a property like yours on the resort. We know how to furnish and equip properties on the resort in a timely, high-quality and cost-effective manner. We've been doing this since 2007. If you would like to know what the flow of tasks is to ready a property for use is then please click here.

    Please remember: we want this resort to work. We have property investments of our own on the resort. We want every neighbour to have a quality property. We have a common goal, you and us. It seems it has fallen to us to be the guardians of quality on the resort, a role we are happy to fulfil.

    All enquiries should be directed via email to:

    We look forward to assisting you.

    The SaidiaHolidayRentals crew.