Services to rent in Mediterrania-Saidia

There is a small, but growing range of goods and services which can be rented while you are visiting Mediterrania-Saidia.

1. Bicycles to rent.

You can rent a bicycle or two while you visit Saidia. A sturdy mountain bike can be rented by the day for 100 Dirhams or for 500 Dirhams for a week. It is best to pre-book these as they are limited in availability. We will drop off and collect the bikes wherever you need on the resort. View over pool, very inviting on a hot day

2. Wi-fi Internet access

You can rent unrestricted internet access by the week. A 'dongle' is attached to your laptop or desktop computer and some software installed to enable the device. An unique access card is activated which connects the 'dongle' to the internet - and you're surfing. Because the access card is only sold by the network for 30 days use, there is a minimum usage period and fee. For a week you can have unlimited internet access on the resort (your patio, bedroom, poolside, wherever) 300 dirhams per week for a minimum of 1 week. 2 Weeks is 400 Dirhams and for a month it is 500 Dirhams. It is best to pre-book this service. We will visit you and do the necessary installation whenever and wherever you require on the resort. A refundable deposit of 500 Dirhams is required for the 'dongle'.

3. Tennis rackets and balls

Tennis, anyone? Why not rent a set of rackets and a load of balls and have some fun under the sun? The nearest courts are at the hotels (you might need permission to play) or at public courts on the beachfront. Tennis isn't big in Morocco, so there's rarely a wait for a court. 100 Dirhams for a day's use of 2 rackets and 6 balls. 300 Dirham refundable deposit required. You need to collect from us.

4. DIY tools and equipment

You can rent a range of tools needed in the equipping of a Med-Saidia property. We have power drills (with hammer), cordless drills, stepladders, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, sealant guns, etc. We've got the lot. Come and visit us to see what we have so that we can offer you a quote. Now you don't have to bring your own kit or spend a day driving to and fro to the nearest city which might have what you need. If its been needed on Med-Saidia, we've probably got it.

5. Car hire

You can rent a vehicle once on-site in Med-Saidia. In our experience having a vehicle to get around the resort or to do some shopping locally is a good idea if you are pressed for time. We can arrange car hire for you through the 2 rental companies that we can recommend. One of them will deliver the vehicle to your front door. A minimum rental of 3 days is the only consideration. If you require this, please email us.

All initial enquiries should be directed via email to:

We look forward to assisting you.

The SaidiaHolidayRentals crew.