Solar panel heating for your hot water

We can recommend a solar-panel supplier for the heating of your hot water. A typical electricity bill's cost is more than 50% spent on the heating of hot water. The supplier we recommend can also power other devices such as the pump for a swimming pool. Your property remains connected to the conventional electricity grid at all times.

A property smaller than 3-bedrooms can be served by a 152 litre solar panel. Larger properties such as duplexes and villas require the larger 300 litre panel.

The cost savings that these modern panels generate means that they pay for themselves in less than 4 years.

Sun Ray 152.8 Litres
Sun Ray 300 Litres

The price is in Moroccan Dirhams. The price includes all installation costs, delivery and taxes. The price you see is the price you pay.

The storage cylinder and collector come with a 10-year guarantee. The electric element and valve come with a 1-year guarantee.

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