Your words about us - Testimonials

Below is a collection of genuine emails sent in to us (originals available for inspection upon request) by some of the people we have helped over the years.

As it is our primary objective to help make the entire resort work, it is very pleasing to us to receive such emails and feedback on our efforts.

Rob and Metha - 2010-05-11

Now that we are back we would like to thank Shani,Vaughan and Michael for their very pleasant reception and help duting our 5 day stay. The pick up at the airport of Nador was punctual and the redelivery to the airport again just as good. Being Dutch we were awed by the friendliness and hospitality of the Moroccan people. In Holand this is completely different.

It was our first time to visit our appartments in AP 6 and we are happy to have done so. Thanks to the relentless snagging by Shani our places looked good to excellent from the inside. Its the surroundings that need much more attention from Fadesa .

The golf course looks very good with fabulous greens and again very friendly service. Cool waterbottles for free at the first 8th and 18th hole.And clubs were cleaned after the game. And all this for residents greenfee of 300 Dirhams which looks well compared to average 800 Dirhams in europe. There still is no proshop and unfortunately fro a box of 3 balls (proV1) they charged us 199 dirhams making the the most expensive we ever saw. We hope Troon will not throw in the towle ,sinca apparently Fadesa is expected to set up the proshop,but so far failing miserably.

Restaurants at the Marina were great with very good food. And what's more at the tapas restaurant you only pay for the drinks. Tapas are for free ! (not silly small dutch Tapas)

Alot of work on the resort still has to be done ,but we had a good time very peaceful and had a nice boatride as well. Also nice te see at AP 6 we have 3 female gardners work all day (albeit at local speed).

Once again we thank Saidiaholidayrentals for their support and pleasant company.

Rob and Metha

the Netherlands

Hanny and Mark - 2010.05.03

Michael, Vaughan,

Thank you for updates and making the effort of keeping us updated whilst Shani was away. It is always good to read about Saidia. Hopefully it won't be long before we can enoy our investment. We are in dire need of some warmth and sunshine !!!!!!!


Hanny and Mark.

David H. - 2010.05.02

Thank you Vaughn for your update and I hope that Shani is making full use of her long awaited well earned vacation to the UK.

Like many others I appreciate all that Shani, you and the rest of the team are doing and like yourselves I am a firm believer that the long term prospects fro Med Saidia are just fantastic.

I would also like to reiterate your comments about what it takes to do business in Saidia. From personal experiences both in Morocco and other parts of the world we can not assume that how it works in the UK and other EU countries works the same in Morocco, it doesn’t and anyone that does will be sadly disappointed. People who will be investing for the first time in a holiday home and expect it to be plain sailing might get disappointed and put off when trying to get water , electricity the basic necessities, so, fore warned is fore armed, from an Ex-boy scout “Be Prepared”.

But if you love a challenge you will love Saidia, and if it helps, make full use of local crafts and skills when it comes to fitting out your apartment or villa, Vaughn, as you know I was very disappointed with the selection of furniture in many of the stores in Oujda, so I decided to use local resources and to be honest I have not been disappointed, I have had my dinning room table made to my specifications my bedroom cabinets and Hall table made to my specification and most importantly my sofa set made to my design. I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed with the way things turned out or the price.

If anyone else is interested in knowing how I did this please tell them to get in touch with me and I will send them some pictures and the contact details.

Once again as ever thank you for keeping us all up to date, it will be interesting to see how Paris –Oujda and Unique management compare, interesting that GFM voted for Unique for AP6 and not for AP2.!! Time will tell.

David & Ali.

Take care hope to see you both soon

C. Norman - 2010.03.30

Shani and company -- congratulations on launching a first class photo gallery. You really have shown off the site and what the area has to offer in its full glory. I am sure you will also keep it up to date as the development progresses.

Usman - 2010.02.09

We need an unbiased, straight talking, honest, frank and most importantly trustworthy source of information. Don't let them get you down; the sales people will disappear it is the investors who are your long term customers!

Keep up the good work


James - 2010.02.07

Hi Shani

I for one find your blogs invaluable. You are the only objective person around and as far as I can tell, say it as you find it. Please keep it up. Thanks.


Sally - 2010.02.07

Hi Shani

Last June we came out to sort everything and we paid for electric in advance but water was more difficult. They said that we had to go my branch of bank in Nador so that I could pay in advance in order that we wouldnt be in arrears and possibly cut off next time we arrive. Unfortunately, we didnt have the time. We spent the whole 2 weeks sorting out the snagging and buying white goods etc. We timed everything really badly, because apparently, the week after we left, Marjane opened on site and the day we left to go back via Oujda, the King was on his way! Pity we didnt know of you then. Everything is so long-winded and complicated in Morocco. I will let you know when we are coming next- it will be really nice to meet you.

Kind regards


Mark & Hanny - 2010.02.03

Shani, many thanks for all the help and advice you have been able to give us. We have been very disappointed in the RT1 development, never getting any straight answers to our questions neither from Saffron Villas (before name change) nor from GFM. Our property should have been delivered three years ago, and still there is no sign of when it might happen. Very frustrating as we bought it to enjoy our retirement and sofar three precious years have been wasted by just waiting. Last year we received several dates for delivery, but as soon as we approached GFM we were told it was postponed once again by another couple of months. This happened three or four times. Like many of the comments on this blog, hopefully things will improve in Saidia. It has been a long time coming. We love the place and its people and would like to start enjoying our investment and escape the cold winter weather here in the UK. Like everybody else we need Shani to keep us informed about any progress being made.

Mark and Hanny

Nick - 2010.01.28

Hi Shani, V & Mike,

Thanks for making my last visit, to collect keys for our new apartment, such a breeze. The airport pick up and apartment rental was really easy to book, the website is clear and easy to navigate, and everything was as promised - the service you all provided far exceeded my expectations. The golf greens really impressed me and I am looking forward to playing this year. Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Thanks Nick xxx

Laraine - 2010.01.27

Shani, Happy new year! Anyway, always looking for news of AP5 - not mentioned in your latest update...can you tell us anything? Anyway, your website is fantastic and it is so informative Thanks


Colin - 2010.01.26

Just read your latest info about the effects of torrential rain. Firstly, a great big thank you on behalf of all your clients for moving so swiftly and with such purpose. It is very re-assuring indeed to know that you are totally reliable and professional. This backs up my first hand experience on several trips now. You should be an example for Moroccan people and service providers to follow. Having invested our time and money in furnishing our apartment, I have a nice warm feeling that it is in very good hands! I am sure the sun will be back, and we will be back over in Saidia to enjoy some of it soon.

Louis - 2010.01.26

Hi Shani,

Thank you for the constant updates always a ray of hope and brings many smiles. I am sure I'm not the only one but getting very concerned about Property Logic RT2 & RT7 - frankly your latest update very concerning. Is there anybody on-site to get a true update, we have been locked in limbo for best part of a year, gfm now seem to be making progress and even Oasis claim they have the funds-yet PL with 11 projects completely stalled-not sure they merit any property awards! I think there is growing resentment building up on projects that were sold out 2 years ago-so any real insights much appreciated



Adrian - 2010.01.25

Hi Shani

I would also like to say how invaluable it was to have someone acting as a translator on our behalf at the meetings with myself and my wife at the bank and the notary. I feel she not only gave a very good translation of what was being said but also seemed to have a great deal of knowledge of the process of what we were doing. I would not hesitate in recommending her services to anyone else having to go through the deeds process without having the backup of Legalex no longer on site in Saidia.



Usman - 2010.01.25

Hi Shani,

Your regular updates are real highlights to my month; please keep up the good work.


Kish - 2010.01.24

Hi shani, Vaughan and Michael,

Thank you all for your hard work and your regular brilliant updates. It is trully appreciated. I want to adopt those cute baby owls!

Howard - 2010.01.06

Hi Shani, Mr V and Mike,

Happy New Year! Just wanted to congratulate you all on a fantastic service. I come to this blog pretty much every other day as a ritual to check to see what's going on at Saidia. I LOVE your blog updates Shani, informative, honest and hugely amusing.

Thanks for all your help last year in helping us to get our property up and running. And a special thanks to Mike for getting the air con done so quickly and for getting the TV all setup and helping with the lights etc, etc, etc.

People reading this comment might find it difficult to comprehend, but thanks for making our property purchase and property setup a fun and relative simple process :o)

Here's for a profitable and fun 2010!

Warm wishes, Howard (& Ashley) xxx

Sheila - 2009.12.21

Good to have an informative blog with some positivity - I can confirm that the weather was not good last Christmas and they did have snow - our villa was freezing. We would love to be spending two or three months of the winter there if they would keep things open!!! Let hope this will happen in the future.

Dean & Kerry - 2009.10.31

We have just returned from an enlightening trip to Saidia. The sole purpose of this trip was to check out our 2 bed apartment in Ap6 and the progress of the development. It had been 18 months since our last visit and I was pleased to see the marina with cafes' and restaurants open. It's also great now the supermarket is open. We transferred our bank account in Nador to the branch in Saidia where we were able to purchase buildings and contents insurance with Zurich for 110 Euros.

It would be true to say that we were very concerned that our investment was a mistake due to the problems with Fadesa, however spending six days in a hot and sunny Saidia we left feeling confident that we had made the right choice. The development is beginning to live up to our expectations, and in time I believe will be the five star resort I hope for. Our investment was always long term therefore we will just have to wait a bit longer than we anticipated. I envisage we will be spending many years here when we retire which is a long way off so we have plenty of time to wait. I guess this statement has given you a good indication of how much we both like Morocco.

Thanks to Shani & Vaughn for your kind hospitality and informative information, and knowledge of the region. We were impressed with the quality, design and price of the Moroccan furniture that Riad makes and will return in April to furnish our apartment.

My husband is a keen golfer and was happy with the golf course so I know where he will be spending time with his buddies when it re-opens in April. Me I'm really looking forward to bringing my family with me to Saidia next year. The local people were so friendly, kind and helpful during our visit. I definitely feel safer there than at home in England. Can't wait to return

Graham & Jan - 2009.10.24

Thanks for the continuous updates via your blog and emails. Totally behind you and your comments concerning the "problems" at the resort. Certainly have our vote to speak on our behalf. Honestly think with out all yor info would be totally in the dark at all times and even more frustrated with the resort or lack of progress that has occurred from day one. Photos were great, only hope that they decide to open golf course for the whole year next year as well as the hotels. Thanks again for all your hard work in keeping all of us up to date with Saidia.

Salim B & Tom. - 2009.10.21

As first impressions go Saidia holiday rentals blew themselfs out of the sand as such for me, Shani and partners are proffessional and yet down to earth from the first moment we made contact with them.

Both me and my business parntner were both very impressd with the appartment that they accomidated us with. Shani was only a phone call away at anytime to answer any questions or to help us with any problems.

Althougth we were only in saidia for a busy four days and we never even pre-booked the fishing trip Shani did her upmost and sucseeded to arrange with the boat hire. Well what a day in the middle of four busy days and even in the last year for me personally this was the most relaxing days on record for myself in 2009, The french captin and his shipmate were the most accomidating people, we caught fish, and went swimming in the light blue seas and sunbathed, this is a must do if you ask me and a great day out and way of seeing the super coastline with great veiws. (Click here to know more about this...)

I would just like to thank Shani and Saidia holiday rentals for everything they done for us super job, and will be recomending them to freinds and family and would reccomend to anyone visiting Saidia once again thank you and see you soon! Salim B. & Tom BATH UK

Colin N. - 2009.10.19

Here is what I think is a balanced update for others to read after our return from a 3 week snagging/furnishing trip. There are plenty of positive things going on, but in truth the development has now slowed to almost a halt - but just remember folks that we are in the middle of a world-wide recession and there is little speculative building work going on anywhere - money is tight!

Some of the positive features included - the priceless help and assistance from all at Saidia Holiday Rentals ( Shani, Vaughan and Michael in particular ) - you simply cannot put a value on how helpful it is to benefit from all their first hand experience. They literally live and breath it every day! They now offer a comprehensive range of services and have up to date information and knowledge of what is going on.

And in fairness, GFM did come good with most of my outstanding snags - BUT you have to be firm and persistant - be right on top of them and don't expect promises to be delivered unless you personally oversee the work and chase people up. The sub-contractors doing the snags are builders after all - they are surely the same the world over, not withstanding the mediterranean/Moroccan element.

Most pleasing of all was the warmth, hospitality, good quality furniture and excellent service from a Moroccan local who supplies authentic Moroccan articles - and fits them too - sourced from all over the country. (Click here to learn more about this...)

Genuine friendliness was also experienced from other Moroccan people ( GFM do not necessarily represent the norms of behaviour!). When we got lost at dusk one night, trying to find Riad's place by car in Arekmane, we knocked on the wrong door - after a mint tea and a few phone calls later, this couple of farmer types we had never met before got out their Mercedees and escorted us to the right location. Somehow we got over the language problems - most Moroccans seem to get by in several languages - put it this way his French was better than my Arabic! And we had help from the owners and other people in a garden centre on the road to Nador, and get this - 5 kilos of compost, 1 large shrub, 3 geraniums and 3 Albaca plants ( anti-mosquito) - all for 160 Dirhams - about £13.

Gardens in AP2,4 and 6 are being very well maintained. Municipal labourers were just starting to tidy up the roadside gardens on main road into the marina when we left - probably due for another visit from some dignitories? The Palmeral golf course is in very good condition and had daily attention just as good as my home course back in UK.

There is a local bus into Saidia every 30 minutes, right into the evening, for 3 dirhans each way - about 25p. There are now two companies offering car hire. And there is evidence of some building work going on - lots of work to extend the water/sewerage? pumping station opposite the medina, and groundwork was being prepared for villas opposite AP6 when we left.

On the negative side, yes it is very quiet, Barcelo and Iberostar have closed their doors intil April 2010 - for snagging I believe! And the golf club is closed due to lack of punters for the winter. Few people means we saw little activity even at night in the restraunts and marina, but a trip into Saidia picked us up because there are plenty of people milling around there with choises of local restraunts and coffee stops. And the quality of paving slabs in some public pavement areas is poor, there were a few burst water mains on publiv roads into the site, and beach and town alike are treated like litter bins ny the locals. But I believe that behaviour will change, and standards will improve, at least on site - it will partly be up to us to try to influence the powers that be to make these sort of changes happen.

On balance, I remain optimistic that our investment is a good one, but with a longer time span that we first were led to believe. We live and learn. I encourage you to visit if you have not done so, as no written feedback is sufficient to impart the reality of things to you without first hand experience.

Duncan G. - 2009.10.19

We have never met but I am one of those fortunate (or unfortunate as the jury is still out) prospective purchasers of Les Grandes Villas. I have for a while been following your web-site and have been most impressed with your level of professionalism, enthusiasm and general enterprise concerning the Saidia project. It is good to have someone on the ground so to speak who is perhaps able to inform us as to how it really is and not be fed sales jargon. I hope sincerely that Property Logic pull their fingers out, either of the till or otherwise, and get their part of the project underway and that maybe one day soon we can meet and look forward to employing your services. In the meantime, keep up the sterling work and many congratulations on your updated web-site and wishing you good fortune for the future. Much deserved! Kind Regards DUNCAN G.

Kish K. - 2009.10.15

Hi Shani and Vaughan,Your new site is excellent, very informative, easy to navigate and brilliant up-to-date news and photo's. It is good to hear that APs are looking good and the weather is still summery, would have been good to come during October half term break!

Phil M. - 2009.10.15

Just a short note to thank you for your continued blog updating all the activity taking place in Saidia. It really is a bonus to people like myself to read and keep up with the progress of this hopfully great resort. I take a personal interest as i have a villa in the VVT8 phase and so far i am not that thrilled about the Property Logic service and if these units are to be complete by the August 16th dealine. Any news on that front will be appreciated. Thanks again Phil

Anthea - 2009.10.14

Your site is always very interesting and informative, it is great to see the progress which has been made, the last time we were there was in October 2006,when I fell in love with it, does not seem like three years ago, so you can imagin what it looked like then. We are buying an apartment at RT5, Block 1 Oasis, but we have had very little communication from the developers and we are starting to get a little worried that it may never happen. We have been considering pulling out, but just really want some reassurance that everything will eventually be ok. Have you heard anything about Oasis which may give us some comfort, or could you let us know when you think they may be building something on our site. We were hoping to come over this year but as they have not even started our block there was not much point, we are hoping to come over next year if it gets started. I will continue to read your site though, as it gives me reassurance and comfort that the whole project is moving on and that we may eventually get there, it all looks great. Thank you Anthea

Sheila L. - 2009.10.12

Good to have good news on some movement on the Property Logic and also to hear that the weather is good!!!! The news updates are very useful and informative. Regards Sheila

David & Ali - 2009.8.16 10:56

Hi Shani,

I read with great interest about you trip back top the UK, albeit we don't live in the UK we have been experimenting with all routs in and out of Saidia.

Like yourself we have done the Malillia thing and quite honestly I would willingly have my wisdom teeth extracted without anaesthetic before taking that rout again. I don't care if they have smartened up the immigration offices the whole experience is a nightmare.

As we live in the Middle East we have been flying in to Casablanca form Dubai and Royal Air Moroc up to Oujda, which is OK, but the departure time's for us suck.!!!!!

We have just come across Air Andalus they operate flights from many cities is Spain (Magala, Barcelona, Madrid) Gibraltar, Portugal in to Morocco, Marrakech, Casablanca and Nador. Regards David Fishing boat seen at Ras el Ma

Howard and Gillian - 2009.8.6 18:34

Hi Shani,Vaughn and Michael.

We thought we would drop you a line to thank you all for your hospitallity and your invaluable advice and help whilst we were over in Saidia it was a pleasure to meet you all.

We would like to share a bit of our Saidia experience on your blog for the many owners who have yet to visit Saidia.

We have a Duplex on AP6, and were very pleased to find that most of our snagging issues had been completed prior to our arrival. We had our Duplex fully furnished before arriving and were delighted with the results, the standard and quality was first class. We decided to furnish it Moroccan style and used Louise at . she comes highly recommended we would also add it is very difficult to find authentic Moroccan furniture in Saidia, and if you can it is very expensive.

Michael met us at Nador airport, he helped us with the purchase of our T.V. and satellite, he took us to the major supermarkets at Oujda his knowledge of all things local is invaluable, a big thank you Michael.

It was with some trepidation that we booked twelve nights not knowing what we were going to find in Saidia , our worries were totally unfounded we had a fantastic time and were sad to leave.

We must mention Scott , who is in charge of the Golf course, for showing us round the course it looks in excellent condition and a good test of golf. We hope your rental clubs have arrrived Scott !

We went into the Barcelo hotel on a couple of occasions to have a drink this was not a problem and the hotel is nicely appointed and the staff are very friendly as we found all the Moroccans to be. The Medina will be fabulous when all the shops finally open and the Marina is lovely in the evening and ha s a good selection of bars and restaurants. If you like a bottle of wine make sure you ask for the price before ordering as it fluctuates greatly from restaurant to restaurant.

We went to the beach every day and swam in the very clean sea, the beach was very busy but friendly as is the old town of Saidia.

Although there is still a lot of work to be done we believe that in the next two years Saidia will be the resort that everybody will want to go to. We can not wait to return and share a glass of wine on the balcony. Howard and Gillian

Kati Fulton - 2009.7.20 11:41

Hi Shani,

Just want to say thanks again for the first class advice and all the useful tips you continuously gave us during our visit to Saidia. It made us realise that your local knowledge is invaluable and it is something that all purchasers should keep in mind. Dealing with the "Moroccan ways" is challenging to say the least. Now that we have had the opportunity to experience it first hand, there is no doubt that you and your company can assist us in many ways. We are happy to hear of your plans of setting up a maintenace company as well, from what we could see, it is most necessary. Overall we were impressed with the progress of (some of) the project and looking forward to our next visit, hopefully in the not too distant future. Best regards, Kati & Garry

Mike - 2009.7.6 16:13

Hello Shani,

Great to read your recent blogs containing the latest news and pictures etc.of the golf course and Barcello hotel. It all seems to be coming together over their in Saidia which is encouraging and reassuring for us as investors given where things were a year ago.

Had chat recently with the new sales director at Property Logic - (Le Jardin de Fleur), he told me that the final fit out of the RT2 departments was due to commence from July the 15th and that they were on track for a December launch and handover. It would be great if you could keep an eye out to see if activity levels pick up from around then. Apparantly it will take approx 3 months to complete the work........... should be interesting! Keep up the great work, Mike

Colin - 2009.7.6 10:47

Hi Shani and Vaughan - thanks for your hospitality and advice on my recent visit. The whole place came alive for the king's visit and showed what great potential it has as a holiday resort. Golf course is now open as well as Iberoster and Barcelo hotels - not to mention 3 banks, post office other shops and Marjane supermarket in the madina ! I hope the momentum keeps up - the locals are loving the pull of Marjane and the watersports in the marina so it will only go one way. I was very pleased with Fadesa's help to complete my snag list which helped me to start furnishing my place. One tip for people coming over is to deal in cash from my own experience as I had problems using credit cards - possibly as the shops did not want to use them as they take a 3% handling charge from Visa - you can change cash at the post office or banks. Keep the faith everybody!!

David & Ali - 2009.6.24 11:37

Hi there Shani,

First of all it was nice to meet you and even nicer over a beer at the El Puerto ! Ali and I took delivery of our apartment in May 2008 and to be frank I was a bit deflated arriving at the development and wondered what the hell we had done buying here (AP2). We returned this June and WOW!!!!! What a difference a King's visit can make, we will well impressed with the progress and were better able to see the long term potential of the development. Our plan was to spend 1 week there furnishing the apartment and getting it ready for potential renters, I can honestly tell you we really didn't want to leave, we were well in to the Marina social set and looked forward to our morning coffee or glass of vin rouge over lunch. Can't wait to get back. David & Ali

LESLEY - 2009.6.18 07:06

Hi Shani,

Great to see the resort coming alive through your blog and photos. You are doing a geat job keeping us investors back in the UK up to date. Can't wait to see photos of the Barcelo when it opens, I was over last June and you could tell then (even though it was a shell,) that it would be a stunning hotel on completion.

Many Thanks, Lesley

sheila L - 2009.6.13 17:11

Good News and Good Blog Shani thanks keeping us all informed.

Kish Khan - 2009.6.12 21:30

Hi Shani,

This is brilliant. You have really given us a very good insight into what is going on in Med-Saidia at present. It looks very exciting and it seems things are really happening and shaping up. The Iberorstar Hotel looks huge and very good! I cannot thank you enough for all the updates, pic and info. Shani you are one wonderful person and my offer of invite still stands. See you in August. Kish

Steve - 2009.6.11 10:17

Shani, it's so great to have you as our 'eyes and ears on the ground'.

Your updates are like goldust as you're the only real source of up to date info for most of us purchasers. I check this site everyday, eager fto see your latest blog, I really look forward to seeing the latest photos as well.

Keep up the good work, you're our lifeline! I hope to meet up and thank you in person one day. Steve (oasis villa owner)

sheila.ludford - 2009.6.11 08:57

It is great to hear some news on the golf course - sounds promising - that is what will attract more visitors to the area as we have had many friends and family asking questions. SL

Kevin - 2009.6.8 17:24

Hi Shani

I just wanted to say thank you for the photographs you have taken of our V3 Villa it was certainly worth the £50 as it saved us a trip out and has shown us the present condition of the Villa. Your advise regarding the completion process and updates on the current development progress have been incredibly useful. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Jeanette Allen - 2009.5.30 16:35

Hi Shani,

Many tanks for fixing us up for 8 days recently with a lovely well equiped 2 bedroomed appt on AP6. It was just across the garden from our Duplex which we started to furnish. With the information that you have posted and more help from you and Vaughan we were able to find the various shops in Oujda that could supply our needs. It won't be a five minute job this, what with having to arrange deliveries from the various shops. It was kind of you to meet us at the Marina, we were a little bit lost at this time having just come from Nador Airport in a rented car . Your welcome of a cup of tea and the low down on what was going on was a great help. It was great to meet you both and look forward to seeing you again on our next trip. Probably end of August for 3 weeks. Kind regards Jeanette.

brian 2009.5.26 15:00

hi shani

i would like to thank you first of all for your invaluable help before arriving in morocco as without all the information you provided us with in order to cross the border from melilla to nador i think we would have been two very lost tourists! as for the pick up service in nador that you provided it was indeed a very much needed service for us to understand the culture and for us to see the area around the development without going off the beaten track. it was a wonderful experience to have such a knowledgable guide to the area, with all the information and tours of the development site in saidia that any investor like ourselves needs to see and know to be able to be confident in their investment. you offer an invaluable service for both investors and tourists with all areas covered for both information and accomodation.

the trip was amazing thank you very much we would have no hesitation in reccomending your servce to anyone interested in staying within the development or wishing to purchase in the development. i hope we will be returing soon to saidia with your guidance and suport through the services that you are offering and that hopefully we can further our business relationship. many thanks once again to both of you! brian

Sheila L 2009.5.22 10:27

Thanks again for an excellent and factual update Shani - You did not mention V2 or AP6 - perhaps because nothing is happening there. Look forward to more. Sheila and Brian

Tima 2009.5.21 13:08


Just want to say a huge thank you to you Shani for the fanatastic pictures and all the information you have provided. I was getting a bit concerned because i was being told various completion dates were on target etc etc and with your pictures and your on-site information its plain to see what the situation really is and i feel much more informed. Fantastic value for money at only £30 i would recommend this service highly to anyone who is buying on Saidia and also from a longer term view it will be nice to still have these photos in a few years time when the site if buzzing. Thanks again Shani Tima

Stuart 2009.5.19 21:36

Hi Shani,

I've been following your blog for a while now and thought it was about time I thanked you. I have found that your site has provided me with more honest and useful information than any of the agents or developers I have dealt with. Hopefully one day I will be able to invite you and your husband over for a glass of wine or two, to thank you properly. I have bought on VVT 5 so it might be a while yet as there is still no sign of commencement of building works. Stuart

sheila 2009.5.13 19:04

Very interesting blog about the Baths Shani - always fancied trying one out. Latest up date was very usefiul too. - thanks for all the interesting anecdotes - we both look forward to more. Sheila L

Fiona Bibby 2009.5.10 09:21

Morning Shani,

Thanks for the update again. Looks like it's very busy out there but as you say the Kings arrival next month could well be the reason. Hope it carries on after he's been. Fiona

Kerry and Terry 2009.5.4 21:39

Hello Shani, Thanks for an excellent website, really easy to navigate around. The blog and its accompanied pictures are always very informative. Look forward to reading future postings!

Mike Robins 2009.4.30 21:42

Hello Shani,

Really enjoy reading your updates on the Saidia development and the pictures are excellent too, great to know there is someone out there keeping an eye on things.

We are buying one of the RT2 apartments and it has been a bit of an emotional roller coster ride to say the least, what with the slow build progress etc. I was out in Sadia back in July 08 looking at the RT2 development but it seems that vertuIally nothing has happened on site since then. Information is very slow to be communicated from LJDF so any up to date info or pictures you may have on RT2 would be really helfull .

We would also be keen to hear from any other buyers of these appartment, was anyone actually consulted about the completion date being put back to late 2009? All the best Mike & Nicky

Brian and Sheila 2009.4.27 11:09

Excellent up date on the site for which we are very grateful!

Debbie 2009.4.27 08:12

Shani. Just to say thanks so much for latest update, it is extremely thorough is all aspects and so helpful to us all many miles away having you update us on a regular basis. I really enjoy reading what you have both been up to. Keep up the good work Cheers Debbie

Kish Khan 2009.4.2 14:58

Hi shani,

I like the way you keeping changing the layout of your web page - it is very interesting as I never know what i will find or read and it attracts me to veiw it regularly - don't want to miss anything about this exciting development. The photographs are brilliant as usual and gives a very good impression of a holiday resort and things to come. Thank you. It looks very grand at Bercelo! I want to stay there. It seems the resort is finally coming together and give me this wonderful feeling that we made a good decision to buy here. Kish

Kish 2009.2.21 13:41

Hi Shani,

Well come back! Hope you had a good holiday in South Africa? I bet a lot warmer there than it is at Med at the moment!!! Finally we can have an up-to-date feed back on what is actually happening on site. If there is a grand opening in June 09 of the two main hotels, Medina and the Marina you seem to be the only person on site who can give us unbaised and realistic view.

Shani where are they advertisng holidays to saidia from lets say June +? I have seen nothing in UK. I have enjoyed reading your blog and viewing photographs and hope to see plently more! Keep up the good work, you do not know what it means to us especially when there is no news or information coming from the authorities. Take care. Kish

Shani 2009.2.14 20:51

Hi there

Please feel free to send me a message. We are now safely back in Saidia, and enjoying the sunshine !

Tareek LARBI 2008.11.20 19:09

Hi Shani,

Thanks for a great site.I enjoy every visit, especially today i had a good laugh about the response you got in Oujda when you asked for a map. I have always wondered why a map of the town does not exist...I am sur that it has to do with the fact that the eastern part of Morocco has never been touristic like the rest of the country. It´s now that things are starting to change and I can tell you that the natives too are very excited about the developpement in the whole region, hoping that it will change things for the many unemployed and poverty in general.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark but my parents are originally from Oujda. In Saidia every summer. The last years I have started exploring the region and have visited Debdou southwest of Oujda, a village that had a significant jewish population. There is a synagogue that is worth the 45 min. drive.

Next time you visit Oujda, take a look at what´s left of the french colonial architecture. Oujda was the first town take by the French in 1907, coming from Algeria. It is why you can find, among other buildings, the countrys first ever high school and railway station.

I am sure that there many other things that deserves to be seen and that the Tourist Office need to include in their marketing of the town and the region in general(if they are planning such thing) . Do let me know if you need any information from my side. Tareek

Yvette Whitehouse 2008.11.20 11:22

Your website is a great find!

Thank you for your informative blog and photo's. I have bought an apartment on Oasis Golf Resort, Block 2, and until I visited your site I assumed that the site hadn't moved on very much. Although still concerned about delays and all of the usual concerns & worries relating to buy off plan I do feel a little reassured. I would be interested to hear what progress is been made with Oasis Resort as I'm unsure to which part of the development your photo's where taken, I assume the Fadesa development.

Fiona Bibby 2008.11.11 21:39

Hi Shani

Thanks for the continuing updates and latest pics. e've bought at The Greens, completion in a couple of months they say but I'd much rather it was April at the earliest. Been up there recently? Fiona

ade 2008.11.10 08:56

I am so glad i found your site whilst browsing a forum Shani and our following conversation was very informative.I have now seen your web site and would like to thank you for all the photos you have taken as the most i have seen to date from Fadessa have been limited.I will keep in touch and let you know when i finally get my deeds as i would like to use your site for the rental of my duplex on ap6.Keep up the good work. adrian

andy 2008.11.5 20:17

hi guys...i have bought a townhouse on vvt5........looks like the whole resort is about a year behind schedule.......have not been to site since last may.your photos are great was thinking about coming out for a couple of days after xmas what are the prices like for a couple of nights on saidia andy

Jeanette Allen 2008.10.27 11:26

Hi Shani, Hope to exchange contracts for a duplex on AP6. Great photos. Need to know who to contact for airconditioning/heating installation. Will be renting a bit later on. Kind regards Jeanette.

kathy 2008.10.16 13:48

hi Shani, photo's look good, wished I was there at the moment instead of cold E!ngland!

Claire 2008.10.14 08:01

Great photos, so nice to be able to see what is going on. And glad to see that there are some good French high street names setting up shop - hairdresser, perfumerie, and clothes!

Xabier 2008.10.7 13:08

Thank´s for your excellents pictures.You let us to dream with Saidia.Bye

jackie 2008.10.7 11:44

Hi Shani

Just want to say a HUGE thank you for your pictures, and most of all your blogs - I feel like I am there with you. Travelling on the underground in the rush hour is just about made bearable by the thought of one day sitting on the beach at Saidia. Do you have any news on what is happening with Hotel next to Magnum?

Lesley 2008.10.7 09:44

Hi, it's great to hear from someone who is on site, I have reserved on AP13 on what will be the Blue Pearl golf, if you are around this area could you let me know if there is any sign of construction and how the Las Lagunas golf course is coming along. Thanks. Lesley.

andya 2008.10.6 21:08

Great photos. Probably the best I've seen. Keep up the good work. We're buying at The Pines in Oasis, so don't expect anything to be ready until 2010, but keen to see how it's all progressing

Pete 2008.10.4 18:35

I have purchased on The Fairways Plot V7 Block 1 apartment 01 nearest to the car park.. If you have some time in the near future it would be interesting to see some recent photos of the property. Our agent hasn't posted anything on their website since April 08 and would be good to see what progress has been made since then. We originally visited and purchased in July 08 when the property was a concrete shell. Greatly appreciate if you can be of assistance. Best Regards, Pete Birmingham UK

Tima 2008.10.4 11:18

Brilliant, i'v ebeen looking everywhere for some decent pictures of whats been going on. Thank you so much i will keep looking here for updates. Regards Tima

Ceri 2008.9.29 16:41

Hi, Many thanks for the photos and updates. Do you live in Saidia? Do you know if they have started on Fairways Riad villas yet? How about the golf course - is the first one open yet? Thanks & regards

Tracey 2008.9.29 10:03

Great pictures! Is the Legalex office on the resort or Saidia old town? Would also be great if you could post some pictures of the Oasis apartments which are being built on RT5. Thanks very much for all your effort and the blogs which make great reading.

Kish 2008.9.28 16:59

Thank you Shani. Excellent photos! Gives us an over view of the development and the surrounding area. Saw several of the chicken shops in Berkane during our stay in August but did not have the nerve to go into one. Perhaps you could add photo's of marjane and the Petrol station next to it.

Steve 2008.9.28 16:47

Great pics. Always good to see new photos, keep 'um coming. Any chance of some more of the medina and golf course progress?

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