How to travel to Saidia - your transport route options

There are 3 airports and one major train station which are in the region where Mediterrania-Saidia is sited. Nador airport

The closest airport is Oujda (its full name is Oujda-Angad) and that is 60 to 90 minutes by car from the resort depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. Oujda airport is undergoing a massive expansion which should increase its capacity tenfold. This is being done to cater for the expected explosion of foreign flights starting to arrive in the next few years.

The next nearest airport is called Nador (but is actually some distance from the city of Nador) and that trip takes 90 to 120 minutes one-way.

The least desirable route is Melilla, a Spanish enclave, which involves a lengthy border crossing which can in itself take up to 2 hours. Once in Morocco, it is a further 60 to 90 minutes to get to the resort.

Here are the 3 airports that serve Saidia and the airlines and routes for each airport.

- Oujda

Oujda airport is the most comfortable and most accessible for Saidia, with several airlines offering regular flights.

Atlas Blue, the budget airline owned by Royal Air Maroc, flies into Oujda from Paris (Charles de Gaulle), Brussels, Amsterdam and Marseilles.

Transavia flies from Paris (Orly Sud) in France.

Andalus Air flies in from Murcia (San Javier) in Spain.

- Nador

Ryanair flies from Marseilles, Madrid and Barcelona (Reus). From 9th April 2010 Ryanair scheduled to fly to Nador from Brussels (Charleroi)

Atlas Blue flies to Nador from Amsterdam.

Tui operates flights from Cologne/Bonn airport.

JetAir, also owned by Tui, fly in from Brussels and Charleroi-Brussels.

Jet4U also operates flights from Barcelona (Reus)

MexWings operates flights from Cologne/Bonn airport.

Andalus Air flies in from Malaga, Madrid, Palma, Barcelona, Seville, Almeria, Reus, Gerona (CostaBrava), Valencia and Murcia (San Javier)

Amsterdam Airlines ( launched a service at the end of April 2010 that flies directly from Amsterdam to Nador. It is an almost weekly service. In order to book a seat you need to do so via its sales agent, ML Tours at: Language flags can found on the top right of their homepage.

- Melilla

The only advantage of using the Melilla route is that is has about a dozen flights almost hourly every day from various airports in Spain.

Iberia Airlines has a regional subsidiary called Air Nostrum that flies into Melilla from Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid, but you need to book through the Iberia website, but it does have a link to an English version of the website on the top-left of the homepage:

How to get here by air from various countries

Royal Air Maroc (RAM) operates domestic flights from Casablanca to Oujda and Nador. It might be an idea to get to Casablanca and then go on to either airport. Unfortunately RAM is the most expensive of any of the airlines.

  • United Kingdom:

    There are currently no direct flights from the UK that land in the region. It is believed that either AirArabia or RAM will fly from either Stansted or Gatwick to Oujda in June 2010. Until then, British visitors have unfortunately no choice but to use connections from the countries listed below. In our experience the best door-to-door option timewise is to fly in to Oujda. Coming via Melilla is usually the longest, most expensive and stressful of all the options. It is an option nevertheless. It might also be an idea to consider going to Morocco via one route and then returning via another - often the timing of connections is not perfect. Ryanair and Easyjet tend to offer Summer-time flights in to Fes and Marrakech, where people then spend a day or two before catching a train to Oujda.

  • Belgium:

    AtlasBlue and Royal Air Maroc fly to Oujda and Nador. JetAir fly to Nador.

  • France:

    Transavia fly from Paris Orly to Oujda and Atlas blue fly from Marseille to Oujda.

  • Netherlands:

    AtlasBlue fly from Amsterdam to Oujda and Nador. Amsterdam Airlines fly from Amsterdam to Nador.

  • Germany:

    TUIfly flies from Cologne-Bonn to Nador and Atlas Blue flies from Dusseldorf to Nador.

    MexWings operates flights from Cologne/Bonn airport to Nador.

  • Spain:

    Air Nostrum (Iberia Regional) fly from Malaga, Almeria and Madrid to Melilla.

    Andalus Air flies in from Malaga, Madrid, Palma, Barcelona, Reus, Gerona (CostaBrava), Seville, Almeria, Valencia and Murcia (San Javier) to Nador, as well as Murcia (San Javier) to Oujda. You can't say you haven't been warned

    By ferry

    Several ferry companies offer services to Morocco with the majority originating in Spain. Algeciras in Spain serves the Spanish enclave of Ceuta and Tangier in Morocco. Tangier also has a fast ferry connection to Tarifa on the Southern-most tip of mainland Spain. Malaga offers ferries which run to Melilla - the midnight departure takes 8 hours, whilst in the Summer months there is a fast ferry that takes 4 hours. Almeria offers a ferry route that runs from Melilla and Nador, its Moroccan neighbour town, which takes about 7 hours. The midnight ferry from Malaga or Almeria to Melilla takes 8 hours and is (one-way) about €50 as a foot passenger and €330 with a car.

    Ferries go from Sete (France) to Tangier (Morocco) all year round. The trip takes about 36 hours and the ferries have restaurants, nightclubs, beds and shops on board. During the Summer months (June to September) services are also available from Sete (France) to Nador (Morocco). If you are driving, then this is an option because it takes almost the same amount of time as the land route, involves less stress and possibly less money.

    Do not make the mistake of looking at a route, gauging its distance and then deducing how long it will take in terms of time. It doesn't work that way in Morocco. Border crossings are arduous and time-consuming. Crossing in to Morocco with a foreign vehicle is an unpleasant experience. The road network is being upgraded, but road trips take generally twice as long as you would expect, sometimes longer.

    The ferry company that dominates these routes is "Acciona Trasmediterranea". On the homepage of the following website click on "Ingles" for the English version:

    By train

    Some people like to fly in to Marrakech or Fes to sample the sights there and then take a train eastward on to Oujda. Oujda is the closest train station to Saidia. It takes about 6 hours by train from Fes and longer from further West.

    Trains in Morocco are surprisingly comfortable and fairly cheap. They cover a limited network of routes, are very slow and quite infrequent. Nevertheless, they are a way to travel between the major Moroccan cities if time is not a factor to you. There are long-term plans that call for the Arab world's first high-speed train service which will culminate at Oujda.

    You can see what the train service can offer you at:

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